The 10 Key Things to Know About Steam Systems (in 1 Day of Training)

Posted by Taryn Hardes on Wed, Feb 20, 2013 @ 09:02 AM

This 1-day training program designed by Swagelok Energy Advisors can pay for itself by enhancing reliability and cutting operational costs


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The more you know about steam systems, the more productive they'll be, the more profitable your plant will be, and the safer your employees will be. And with a training program called "Ten Action Points of a Steam System" (TAP), you and your team can brush up on all the essentials in 1 day.

You can see pricing, a list of items you receive with the training program, class locations, and access to download a brochure, here.

In a TAP training you learn:

  1. Steam Fundamentals: Understanding the vapor, types of energy in steam, steam quality, and superheat
  2. Steam Tables: Understanding the tables, and how to calculate Btu usage.
  3. Know Your Steam Cost: How to calculate your steam cost, and loaded vs. unloaded calculations.
  4. Flash Steam: How does it occur, what is the quantity, what is the energy loss?
  5. Recovery of Flash Steam: Modulating vs. non-modulating systems, flash tank applications, vent condensers.
  6. Valves: Types used in steam systems, selection process, understanding Cv.
  7. Valve Installation: Best practices, testing.
  8. Steam Traps: Types, how to properly size, how to calculate steam loss, importance of test management programs.
  9. Steam Trap Testing: Methods, procedures.
  10. Waterhammer: Causes, solutions.

The class is just one of many services offered through Swagelok Energy Advisors. SEA, wholly owned by Swagelok Co., helps clients around the world strengthen performance and efficiency by providing high-impact consulting and training services for steam, condensate and compressed air systems. Their highly experienced steam system engineering consultants and senior field engineers offer best practices instruction and real-world guidance, yielding tangible, bottom-line benefits.

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