Keep Your Sampling Systems At Peak Performance

Posted by Alecia Robinson on Thu, Jun 08, 2017 @ 14:06 PM

Our two-day Sample System Maintenance Course will cover operations and troubleshooting


Teaching you to trouble shoot a variety of common sampling system issues, from the process line through sample disposal. Join this two-day course on November 14th and 15th, 2017, sign up now to attend.

Your analytical instrumentation system can't give reliable results unless you give it a reliable sample of the fluid in your process line. Assuming the sample is properly taken at the tap, it may fall victim to a host of problems:

  • Deadlegs or dead spaces that create a “static leak,” where fluid from an old sample might bleed or leak into the new sample
  • Contamination, permeation, or adsorption
  • A phase change that upsets the balance of chemicals
  • A chemical reaction

The most common cause of inappropriate response is a simple delay. If it's taking more than one minute from tap to analyzer, you may have problems.

How can you work to prevent problems and fix those that do appear? Take our two-day Sample System Maintenance Course.  We've scheduled it for November 14 and 15 at our brand new training center.

The basics and more

Leading the course this year is Swagelok expert Stephen Jacobs, owner and president of Jacobs Process Analytics Inc. Over more than 25 years he has designed, installed and maintained hundreds of analyzer and sampling systems for applications ranging from safety monitoring to closed-loop process control.

We start out by reviewing sampling basics: Why you take samples and how to take them properly.

Sampling systems come in a variety of designs, especially when you compare those designed to handle liquids and those designed to handle gas. We will look at all types of systems, the typical best practices and the typical mistakes that people make. That starts with the system design itself, making sure that it uses the proper size of tubing, proper filters and other components.

The goal is to send you back to your company with enough knowledge to walk through your systems and spot problem areas.

You'll spend time taking lecture notes, but you'll also get your hands on the equipment. We'll put students into groups and give them some problems to solve from real-life case studies. We'll explain the issue, and then it will be up to the teams to discover the cause and come up with a solution. Each group will then present its project to the rest of the class. 

Lunch too

We'll provide all the materials you need, including a workbook you can take home with you. Those who pass the course also will go home with a certificate of completion. We'll even serve you lunch on both days.

But we have a limited number of seats. That's why we're letting you know so far in advance. Mark your calendar now and sign up today.

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Stop by Our Booth at the Global Petroleum Show

Posted by Alecia Robinson on Thu, May 25, 2017 @ 14:05 PM

Here's a chance to get your hands on some of our products in June


Stop by booth 1076 at the 2017 Global Petroleum Show to see your local Swagelok associates and learn about our product offerings. You can register to attend the show for free until June 5th!

June is almost here, and that means it's time again for the annual Global Petroleum Show, running from June 13 through 15 in Calgary. We'll be on hand to show off some of our Swagelok components, as well as the skills of our Custom Solutions department in creating various assemblies.

For instance you can see our Tap To Transmitter assembly, a collection of Swagelok process instrumentation components that includes a transmitter to send data back to the control room. The entire assembly can be built locally for you by your authorized Swagelok distributor.

You also can check out our rotating seal panels. The biggest single cause of pump failure is the shaft seal, responsible for 39 percent of all failures. And the average shaft seal costs about $5,000. Multiply that by the number of pumps on site, and you can see that it pays to keep those seals lubricated so that they'll last longer. We can create panels to do the job. Take a look when you visit our booth and we'll be glad to answer any questions about them.

While Swagelok made its name with tubing and tube fittings, the company also makes many larger scale products for process piping, typically anything with more than a two-inch diameter. Take a look at some of our flanges and valves at our booth.

Then let us show you our grab sample modules. We've written about them before on our blog. You'll get a chance to see the various options in person, twist some handles and otherwise satisfy your curiosity.

If you don't feel like conversation, we'll have some videos to watch too.

Where to find us

If you've been to the Global Petroleum Show before, you'll find us in exactly the same spot. If it's your first time, look for booth 1076, right inside the doors of Hall A. We'll have 16 people manning the booth in shifts, so you will find a knowledgeable fluid system expert any time from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the first two days, and until 5 p.m. on the third day.

We do our best to have some senior representatives in the booth at all times, so you can have a serious conversation and expect to come away with some solid information. If we can't answer your question on the spot, we'll get your contact information and get back to you as soon as we can.

It's one thing to look at our products online. It's another to physically put your hands on it and have a face-to-face conversation with someone who knows the product well.

So stop by, say hello, and gather some free information and expertise from your Swagelok experts. Register to attend the show before June 5th and the registration fee is waived.

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Edmonton Valve Helps Raise $1.3 Million for Stollery Foundation

Posted by Alecia Robinson on Thu, Feb 02, 2017 @ 13:02 PM

Our Community Involvement Team was standing by to take everyone's calls

Spider Mable.png

Our Community Involvement Team was up early taking phone calls for the 18th annual Corus Radiothon. Pictured above from left to right - Delia, Andrew W., Tammy, Andrew B, and Gary - great job team!

For the second year in a row, the Community Involvement Team from Edmonton Valve & Fitting spent an early morning taking pledge calls for the Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation. Wearing matching T-shirts, the five of them showed up at 5 a.m. on Jan. 19 for the 18th Annual Corus Radiothon.

It was the second day of a live, two-day broadcast on Corus Entertainment radio stations CISN Country 103.9, 92.5 Fresh Radio and 630 CHED. From the lobby of the hospital, dozens of young patients and their families shared their stories over the air, while volunteers staffed the phone bank.

Faithful donors

"The neat thing we really noticed is that even though there has been a general economic downturn, people were still making the donations," says Andrew Worthington of our Community Involvement Team.

This year's Radiothon raised $1.3 million for the foundation's Direct Impact Fund, undesignated funds used for the Hospital’s most urgent equipment, research, training and program needs.

Busy venue

Our team was right out in the main lobby of the hospital, giving them plenty of visibility as people came in and out. It also meant a lot of commotion to work in. But the team held their concentration. We even got a brief moment of fame when one of the stations interviewed one of our team members.

"We definitely enjoyed doing it," Worthington says. "It is kind of a sought-after volunteer event. I'm looking forward to doing it next year, if we get the opportunity."

After handing over the phones to the next shift at 9 a.m., our team stretched their muscles and headed to Edmonton Valve & Fitting for a full day of work.


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Have You Winterized Yet? We Can Talk You Through It in Our Live October Webinar

Posted by Katie Reid on Thu, Oct 06, 2016 @ 14:10 PM

Our October webinar will cover the equipment to check and the steps to take

Due to a last minute scheduling conflict we will be rescheduling the event. 


"A good comparison of when you should be winterizing your plant is when you are thinking about winter tires," says Tristian McCallion. "If winter tires are on your radar, so should winterization." McCallion will be hosting a special 1 hour Winterization Webinar on Wednesday, October 19th at 12PM MDT. Get your spot today!

Winterization Webinar Sign Up

It's that time of year...

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone in Edmonton that Alberta gets freezing cold in the winter and this winter won’t be any exception. And yet every year some businesses fail to prepare for it. Then the temperature plummets, fluid systems freeze, and the companies end up with damaged equipment and costly downtime. Sometimes they end up with injured workers too.

In just three months last winter, November 2015 through January 2016, the Alberta Boilers Safety Association received four incident notifications involving damage to equipment due to freezing. Three of those resulted in ruptured piping, with two of these due to inoperative heat tracing and one due to isolation of the line. So even some experienced companies that know enough to winterize their lines, still don't do it properly.

Edmonton Valve & Fitting wants to get you up to speed on winterization this season, so we're offering a FREE 1 hour webinar on October 19 at 12PM MDT. Tristian McCallion, our sales supervisor and Energy Service Advisor, will review some best practices for winterizing and answers your questions.

From start to finish

Smart winterization starts with a written procedure. For starting your system components, unit heaters, tracers and steam traps all need to be prepared and checked. McCallion will be going over this checklist in the October webinar.

Correctly operating Steam traps are crucial in winterization, the seminar will cover the different types of traps and how to check them.  It will also discuss some of the tools that can make the process easier.

Even companies that understand the importance of winterization can sometimes get distracted. Then a cold wave hits and they get an unwelcome reminder. Don't be one of those who get caught by surprise, sign up and get your spot for our Winterization Webinar.

In a hurry or have a question? Please click here to get in touch - we respond fast! 
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Golf Tournament Gives Swagelok Staff a Shot at In-house Fame

Posted by Katie Reid on Thu, Sep 15, 2016 @ 15:09 PM

This one's for the associates, with proceeds going toward fire relief programs in Fort McMurray


Many of our associates and their guests got into the afternoon with flashy golf outfits - too bad there was no prize for the most fashionable!

There are a lot of people at Edmonton Valve & Fitting who have never had the chance to play in our annual charity golf tournament for the Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation. And it's not because they wouldn't enjoy playing, but because that tournament is primarily an event held for our customers.

But on September 10th associates from our Edmonton, Drayton, and Fort Mac offices got the chance to show off their golfing skills as we launched the first Edmonton Valve Associate Open. With associates and their spouses in attendance the event took place at the Mill Woods Golf Course and each player’s entry fee going to support the Fort McMurray Food Bank to help with fire relief.

No experience required

"It was a pretty relaxed day," says Richard Llewellyn of our customer service desk, who is one of the tournament organizers. "The weather started out a bit chilly and wet but it definitely improved and the sun came out for a great afternoon of golf.”

All associates and guests had a great time on the course. There were 4 first-time golfers and half a dozen golfers who have only hit the greens once or twice before. There were a few near-misses with golf carts almost being hit by stray golf balls but everyone got away safely.


The day ended with a barbecue dinner and awards for longest drive for men and women, closest to the pin, and a few other categories including the top team prize and the most honest team! And although there were no prizes for best dressed, there were some associates that took their golf fashion to the next level.

IMG_3452A.jpgPictured above is the winning team, from left to right - Steve, Heidi, Jon, and Chris - great job team!

Overall the event is considered to a great success. Everyone in attendance had an awesome time with lots of laughs both on and off the green, and most importantly raising money for a cause that we are happy to support. With golf season coming close to an end we are already looking forward to the next associate event and sharing it with our readers – stay posted!

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Edmonton Valve’s Fresh Take on Giving Back to the Community

Posted by Katie Reid on Fri, Aug 19, 2016 @ 08:08 AM

Newer, younger associates take the lead by establishing a Community Involvement group



"Helping at the Marian Centre really reinforced that need comes in all shapes and sizes.  Everyone eventually needs some kind of help and if we are able to help, even in a small way, we should," says Drayton Valley branch team member Tammy Pequin.

For about a year now, some of the newer and younger associates of Edmonton Valve & Fitting have been making an extra effort to get involved in community service. It grew out of an effort we call the Emerging Professionals. The members involved decided to break off into two smaller groups, one focusing on associate events such as the Corporate Challenge and the other, the Community Involvement group, focusing on giving back to our city.

"There are five of us. We're about helping out in the community, whether it is volunteering or fund-raising," says account manager Andrew Worthington. "The goal here is to promote the fact that we are engaged."

Most of the activities are geared toward helping to feed people, says Delia Roman, our eBusiness expert. One of the first projects last year as a group was purchasing sandwiches and coffee, and then distributing the food in downtown Edmonton near a night shelter for the homeless.

"We were surprised to see how many people needed it, and the feelings we had experienced," Delia says.

Another activity the group participated in was volunteering for the day at the Marian Centre dining room, preparing a hot meal from scratch for about 135 people.

Group effort

Edmonton Valve & Fitting has been a longtime supporter of the Stollery Children's Hospital. Our annual golf tournament raises tens of thousands of dollars each year for the Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation. This year the Community Involvement members helped raise money for the Stollery during their annual Corus Radiothon by spending a morning on the phone, answering calls and taking donations.  

The Community Involvement members also took charge of organizing Edmonton Valve & Fitting's group blood donation this year as part of the Edmonton and Area Corporate Challenge.

There's probably no more personal gift someone can give than their own blood. "We ended up first in our division," Delia says. "We donated the most blood of companies involved, and we had the most new donors. We are very happy with the way it turned out, and we are thinking of making it a semiannual event."

Corporate culture

In addition to the main mission of helping the community, these activities promote a culture inside the company of helping others. They also give the members a chance to develop their leadership skills.

"Most of the volunteering is done on our own time, with our own money," Roman says. "We donate the hours gladly. Usually we do our activities on Saturdays, but we do some of them throughout the week before and after work. We're very passionate about it. And we have the support of management."

To help with the costs that are associated with some of the projects, the team has recently kicked off their “Eco-Corner” initiative. Through selling off scrap metal and recycling collected bottles and cans donated by associates, these extra contributions will help the team go further in their efforts of helping those in need. And of course, if any of our customers want to help out, we would welcome their bottle and can donations for the cause. Just stop by the office and ask for Delia.

People who join Edmonton Valve & Fitting often stay with us for years, even decades. We expect the groundwork being laid by the Community Involvement group to yield long-term benefits both to the Edmonton community and to our own corporate culture.

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The Global Petroleum Show Is Back, and so Are We (with a New Look!)

Posted by Katie Reid on Wed, Jun 01, 2016 @ 11:06 AM

Get a close-up look at Swagelok products when you visit our booth in Calgary next week

  We are excited to be unveiling our new branded booth at this year's GPS in Calgary. Stop by booth #1076 June 7th - 9th and see what new products we are featuring.

June is finally here, and that means a trip to Calgary for the Global Petroleum Show. This year the three-day event will be held June 7th through 9th at their usual place ‘stomping ground,’ Stampede Park.

The exhibit hall will be packed with 1,500 companies. If you've visited the Swagelok booth at previous shows, you'll know where to find us. If this is your first time attending, look for us right inside the doors of Hall A, at booth 1076. This year we are going for a new look with a brand new booth, so if you don’t recognize the booth at first, don’t worry it’s still us! And we'll be there along with our colleagues from across Canada, including Calgary Valve & Fitting, Swagelok Central Ontario, Swagelok Central Houston, and a few Swagelok field engineers.

Time to 'smarten' up

One of the big decisions we have to make every year is which products to feature. The Swagelok catalogue is too big to bring a sample of each item.

This time, we're giving special attention to our Smart Systems. They put a brain your sampling system, capturing and reporting data such as critical flow, temperature, and pressure of process fluids destined to your analyzers. They employ Swagelok’s intrinsically safe Intelligent Control Module product and intrinsically safe PTX series pressure and temperature transducers.

The ICM product’s on-board library of scripts and embedded script processor let you run standard routines, or you can program it yourself. Even while your process is running, you can monitor the script and make adjustments.

Swagelok’s intrinsically safe PTX series pressure and temperature transducer is a single component that can make multiple measurements.

We're planning some special presentations on Smart products in our mini-boardroom at the show, so check in with us to get the times.

We'll also make presentations on our Grab Sample Modules. Made by our Custom Solutions department, Grab Sample Modules make it easier to collect and analyze samples in your fluid system. All the parts are mounted on a panel, with support for a sample cylinder. We offer designs for sampling gasses, volatile liquids, and liquid vials. The panels use quick connect couplings, allowing you to safely and repeatedly get samples from the right locations. A hose provides a flexible connection into the sample cylinder. We can add purge and pressure relieve options too.

But wait, there's more

  Two PrESS modules that we will be showing at the GPS include the Fast Loop Module (top image) and the Field Station Module (bottom image). 

In addition to our presentation products, we're also bringing examples of two pre-engineered subsystems: our Fast Loop Module and our Field Station Module. And we'll have some examples of our RHPS Series line of pressure regulators.

Stop by our booth and we can also talk to you about special alloys available for many Swagelok parts. There are times when stainless steel isn't the best material for the job, so we carry a dozen special alloys to help meet your requirements. Each has a unique set of properties that give top corrosion resistance under tough conditions. We can machine any of our fittings out of almost any material that is machinable, so come on by and discover your options.

On with the show

Each year the Global Petroleum Show brings something new. This year there will be a Clean Technology Forum, an exhibit called the Digital Oilfield Experience, focusing on drones, data collection and mobile device software; a Fracking Innovation Zone; and a Global Logistics Zone.

The show drew about 50,000 people last year. Make sure you don't get lost in the crowd by registering now and planning a visit to our booth #1076. 

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Edmonton Valve Associates Get Ready to Test Brain and Brawn

Posted by Katie Reid on Thu, May 26, 2016 @ 09:05 AM

“The Regulators” gear up for the Edmonton and Area Corporate Challenge

The Edmonton and Area Corporate Challenge has grown into a large annual event since it was founded in 1992. This year, Edmonton Valve & Fitting is joining in with more than 170 other companies in a friendly series of competitions.

  All of our associates will be rocking this Swagelok blue "The Regulators" t-shirt at the Corp Challenge events!

So far we've signed up 42 people, about two-thirds of our staff, to battle other teams in a variety of sporting activities, including basketball, golf, bunnock, cribbage, poker, table tennis, badminton, bowling, darts, horseshoes and a more! And to kick-off the challenge we held an internal naming contest for our team name. The winning submission, “The Regulators,” came from our Custom Solutions department.

Not just fun and glory

The Edmonton and Area Corporate Challenge games were created as a way for local companies to foster employee interaction, teamwork, morale, pride, health and wellness. "The faces you’ve only passed in the hallway or the voices you’ve heard on the phone suddenly become your volleyball teammates or your badminton partners," the organizers say. Some companies develop friendly rivalries that keep going on the golf course or softball field long after the Corporate Challenge is over.

There's also a community service component. The Corporate Challenge also includes a blood drive and EVF’s has been organized by Delia Roman.

  Associates getting ready to load the bus and donate blood!

"Canadian Blood Services is in need of blood donations, so it's a good time for us to be there and support the people who need us," Delia says. “We had a team of associates go down on April 15th to donate and have had a number of associates donate outside of work. We’d love to see this as an ongoing project for our company, make it an annual event or even every six months."

Family and friends of Edmonton Valve & Fitting associates can help out by donating blood and using the ID number EDMO502328. Donations can be made on behalf of our company before June 1st.

There are other "spirit" events that help organizations, such as The Big Bike, a 30-seat bicycle —we use the term loosely — to help raise funds for the Heart & Stroke Foundation

The competition will wrap up with a Family Day on June 11th, when we'll set up a tent and serve a barbecue lunch for everyone who participated in our group. There's also the PowerPull competition which we are hoping to get a number of our associates to participate in.

In training     

We're taking the Corporate Challenge seriously. One of our associates brought a ping-pong table to the warehouse. Someone else brought in a dartboard. We've also been holding elimination cribbage games to see who will make the team.

We recently participated in some trivia nights, called Brain Freeze events. It's stiff competition, says Derek Green, operations coordinator for our Custom Solutions department. Questions included things like naming the official rock of Alberta (can you name it?)!

So if you stop by Edmonton Valve & Fitting and you spot somebody on a break throwing darts, they aren't goofing off. They're in 'training.'

We hope you'll cheer the Regulators on to victory as we battle it out with 18,000 other participants from May 25 through June 11.


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Thanks For Another Great Year At The ISA Show

Posted by Katie Reid on Thu, Apr 28, 2016 @ 13:04 PM

Glad to see you at last week's show and in case you weren't there, here's a recap of what went down

  Day 1: Account managers working the EVF booth.

Thanks to all of you who visited our booth this month at the ISA Automation Expo & Conference at the Northlands Edmonton Expo Centre. We're always impressed at the number of visitors who pick us out from among the 175 or so exhibitors who gather every other year. (Yes, it's one of the largest automation events in North America.)

Smart stuff

The big hit of our small part of the show was our presentation onSmart systems, hosted by Edmonton's own Swagelok field engineer Stacey Phillips. "Smart" means the device collects data, not only saving you time but giving you information you couldn't collect before. That means you can spot trouble before it happens. Our ICM product and PTX transducers let you compile enough useful data to develop trend analyses for predictive maintenance.

  Smart product demonstrations hosted by Swagelok field engineer Stacey Phillips. 

The ICM product’s embedded script processor and on-board library of scripts let you run standard routines and adjust them, even while your process is running. Our intrinsically safe PTX series pressure and temperature transducer is a single component that can make multiple measurements. Besides offering fast response, this sensor design needs no oil-filled cavities and requires no recalibration.

Other featured Swagelok products at the ISA show included some of the handiwork of our Custom Solutions department, such as our fast loop modules (FLM), field distribution headers (FDH) and a grab sample panel. We also had hose, our RHPS and K Series regulators, and flow meters on display.

Insights from Mafiaboy

We went to the ISA show to work, but we also got some benefits from attending. A few associates (including me) were able to attend a luncheon where the speaker was Michael Calce. Most people knew him as “Mafiaboy” when, as a teenager in 2000, he hacked into the websites of major organizations such as Amazon, CNN, Yahoo, and Dell and brought them to a screeching halt.

Calce was arrested and did time. Now he uses his talent and expertise as a consultant helping to improve computer security.


Edmonton Valve & Fitting can't offer much advice in the way of computer security, but we know plenty about fluid systems, including how to keep them running strong and leak-free. Remember, you can always contact us here if you need further assitance: Ask Us.

We are a proud sponsor of the ISA Automation Expo and Conference and we look forward to returning in 2018 - it will be here before you know it! 

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Save the Date for Edmonton Valve’s next Sample Systems Course

Posted by Katie Reid on Mon, Apr 25, 2016 @ 15:04 PM

Reserve a spot now to learn about sampling system problem solving and maintenance

  One attendee said the course was "very valuable for sample system background and troubleshooting key concepts." To see if this course is right for you, download the Sample System Maintance PDF for course information. 


We saw a lot of demand this past fall for our two-day class on sample systems. Later this year we'll offer the class again, and we're telling you early so that you can save the date in your calendar. The class will be held in Edmonton on Tuesday, November 8th and Wednesday, November 9th. We have only 20 seats available so don't let too much time slip by without grabbing one.

Learn to do it right

Our Sample System Problem Solving and Maintenance class includes lecture, discussions, hands-on exercises, and team projects to teach you what it takes to ensure a reliable, fit-for-use sampling system. You'll also know what to do when a system doesn’t work. You'll learn about sampling theory, good sample system design, and good installation practices. 

We'll cover the three key criteria to assure an effective sample conditioning system, as well as the effects that pressure and temperature have on the analyzer system. If you've ever wondered how to eliminate bubbles in a liquid sample, how to prevent condensation in a gas sample, or why your pressure reducer ices up, then this is the class for you.

Once again you'll be learning from industry expert, Dr. Stephen Jacobs, owner and president of Jacobs Process Analytics Inc. He has more than 25 years of experience in design, application and maintenance of on-line analyzer systems. He has installed hundreds of analyzer and sampling systems.

Top marks

After our most recent presentation on sample systems, we asked the class members what they thought of it. Here are a few of their comments:

  • "The group project was challenging but a good (effective) way to assess learning of the course content."
  • "Teams were picked well, allowed all levels of experience to be able to contribute and learn."
  • "It helps me understand what I need to spec out when ordering an analyzer."
  • "I have learnt how to recognize issues at our site and how to fix them."

Students especially appreciated learning the proper way to calculate lag times, references to real-life examples, and the importance of keeping sampling systems as simple as possible.

Sign up now

We also heard that working on a group project sparked a lot of discussion. So if you want to be part of that discussion, save your space now! Request a copy of the Sample System brochure PDF here

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