Videos: Swagelok® valves, Swagelok tube fittings & more

Learn more about choosing and using Swagelok® valves, Swagelok tube fittings, and other fluid system components in these Tech Tip videos:

Swagelok: Engineered to Perform Under Pressure

Swagelok customers are called upon to explore, generate and innovate in some of the harshest environments known to man. That's why they rely on Swagelok. Like our customers, the people and products of Swagelok thrive in critical situations, strive for perfection, and perform under pressure. (1:20)

Swagelok Tube Fitting Installation

This video offers a preview into the installation training that is available in our Swagelok Total Support Training Seminars. 


Winterization Webinar Replay: Tracing, Steam Trap Stations, and Unit Heaters

 This video is a recording of all three sessions from our Winterization Webinar, featuring Tristian McCallion of the Swagelok Energy Advisors.


RoboCrib Inventory Management System

This clip introduces RoboCrib, a high-tech vending machine that dispenses parts for installing and maintaining fluid sytems. (3:48)


Swagelok Tube versus Pipe Use

There is usually more than one way to do anything, and that includes moving fluid from point A to point B. Tubing will do it. So will pipe. However, to make up the desired run using pipe it must be cut, deburred, then threaded. Play this clip to learn more about choosing between tubing and pipe. (3:03)

Swagelok Tube Fitting Installation

As the leader in tube fitting technology, Swagelok Company has established the standards for tube fitting performance in terms of leak-tight integrity, ease of installation, availability and support services. Our tube fitting has earned a global reputation for consistency, quality, and reliability, as supported by Swagelok's continuous product improvement efforts, and by the fitting's performance in thousands of diverse applications. This video demonstrates the integral steps for installing a Swagelok tube fitting. (3:45)

Swagelok SK Ball Valve - SK Series

Swagelok® SK series ball valves offer low-torque, quarter-turn operation in a compact design providing positive shutoff in applications up to 6000 psig (413 bar). Play this clip to learn more about the SK ball valve. (1:49)