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2020's Top Fluid System Resources & Blog Posts

by Katie Reid, on Thu, Jan 21, 2021 @ 11:01 AM

See what our visitors gravitated toward last year, including most viewed new posts and most visited resources. Follow links to lots of free resources.

Most viewed of all Edmonton Valve posts

Of the 500 or so articles our local team has published since 2012, these were most popular during 2020:

Swagelok VCR Fittings and VCO Fittings Explained (2020 updates)

#1—Swagelok VCR Fittings and VCO Fittings Explained (2020 updates)

This post was far and away the most viewed post last year. In 2020 we added and updated the article's illustrations, content, and links.


Swagelok Orifice Fittings – What do you know about flow control?#2—Swagelok Orifice Fittings: What do you know about flow control?

Understand the function of an orifice plate—a restriction in the flow of gas or liquid through tubing or pipe—through an hourglass analogy.


Top 4 Advantages of Swagelok Tube Adapter Fittings (2021 updates)

#3—4 Advantages of Swagelok Tube Adapter Fittings (2021 updates)

See how Swagelok tube adapters eliminate alignment problems, reduce leak points, simplify installation, and even lower costs.


Most viewed new posts (articles published in 2020)

Of the dozens of posts we added in 2020, these were in the top tier:

FAQ: How Do I Adjust Valve Stem Packing? What About a Rebuild?#1—FAQ: How Do I Adjust Valve Stem Packing? What About a Rebuild?

Learn how you can get better performance out of Swagelok's manually actuated valves by adjusting the stem packing instead of rebuilding.


New Full-Bore Ball Valve Handles 6000 psig + Available for Sour Gas#2—New Full-Bore Ball Valve Handles 6000 psig & Available for Sour Gas

Check out our GB Series ball valve designed for easy installation, fewer leak points, and long  service in corrosive environments.


With Augmented Reality Headsets, Swagelok Assists from Miles Away#3—With Augmented Reality Headsets, Swagelok Field Service Technicians Assist from Miles Away

Now one Swagelok field services tech can bring their team onsite virtually for swift, reliable help diagnosing and addressing critical fluid system issues.


Most popular resources

Of the hundreds of pages where visitors get free resources and make requests for individual assistance, these were used most often.

Homepage-Top Fluid Systems Components Manufacturer#1—Home

Last spring after Covid-19 struck, we transformed our homepage into a hub for getting expertise and help from our local team. The response was remarkable. Without leaving the page you can request 24x7x365 technical support, product selection help, ordering assistance, and more. It also highlights new services, upcoming events, new products, and more.


Ask Edmonton Valve#2—Ask Edmonton Valve

This page was especially popular in 2020. Use it to request a call or email; get quotes or start an order; check inventory at any of our three locations; ask for technical details; check on training options; or anything else you have a question about.

Ask Edmonton Valve

Company overview and PDF line card#3—Quicklook & Line Card

Our Quicklook section offers an overview of Edmonton Valve & Fitting and what we offer -- our products, our services, our differentiators, and team. You can also save our latest PDF line card and message us.

Quicklook & Line Card

Learn about expert evaluation of industrial fluid systems#4—Field Advisory Services

New in 2020, this section shows how to leverage our field service technicians' experience with oil & gas, chem refining, power, midstream, and SAGD applications. View customer examples, FAQs, and the new brochure.

Field Advisory Services

Visit the API 682 Seal Plans section#5—API 682 Seal Plans

Added in 2019, this section shows our seal support systems for pumps, agitators, and mixers. Browse it to learn the costly problem they address, unique features, and your options.

API 682 Seal Plans

Visit the technical presentations page#6—Technical Presentations

Watch recorded technical briefings including Hose Selection & Troubleshooting, Mechanical Seal Support System Best Practices, STAMPED Method of Valve Selection and more. Browse our post-briefing reports on what was covered here.

Technical Briefings

How can we help?

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