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ABSA and CRNs: We Have Your Parts Covered

by Alecia Robinson, on Wed, Aug 09, 2017 @ 10:08 AM

We have documentation for components for systems running at more than 15 psi

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The Edmonton Valve MTR website not only hosts our extensive list of MTRs you can also search for CRN Statutory Declarations. Pictured above is the list of our statutory declarations on our self-serve website which can be found at

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If you have a fluid system running at more that 15 psi, you probably have heard of the Alberta Boiler Safety Association. ABSA is the pressure equipment safety authority authorized by the Alberta Government to administer and delivery safety programs related to boilers, pressure vessels and pressure piping systems through their complete life cycles. ABSA is also responsible for the certification of pressure welders, inspectors and power engineers for the operation of a power or heating boiler.

When you go over that 15-psi threshold, ABSA mandates that all the components must have Canadian Registration Numbers. That's one of the reasons why our customers can relax when they order Swagelok products. Swagelok has a team that proactively manages our CRNs and ensures that they are regularly reviewed and kept up to date. With hundreds of CRNs, this is no small task.  Our current project to renew all of our CRNs is a 4 year program, with year one set up for planning and then the product submissions staggered out of years 2, 3 and 4.

CRN and Statutory Declarations

CRNs and Statutory Declarations are issued by the province. The Statutory Declaration is the document issued upon acceptance of the CRN by ABSA in Alberta,  and other local authorities in the rest of Canada. We can provide Statutory Declarations at no charge and can be found on our MTR site at

A typical Statutory Declaration will include a cover page and backing documents on the product lines covered, including pressure ranges and product catalogues.

Lunch and learn

While most reputable companies know the basics, a few common questions come up. A couple of times a year, Edmonton Valve & Fitting will bring someone in for a lunch-and-learn session to cover topics such as what to do when an ABSA inspector comes to a site. 

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