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Alphabet Soup Part II: Swagelok Acronyms From F to N

by Katie Reid, on Fri, Oct 16, 2015 @ 16:10 PM

There are some long and informative names behind all those letter combinations


Product groupings that have common Swagelok acronyms include the Pre-Engineered Subsystem products, regulator series, and Swagelok fittings.

In an earlier post we went through some of the acronyms you'll run into when you read our blog. Last time we covered letters A through E. This time we continue on through the middle of the alphabet. Check back to see future posts that will take us all the way to Z.

FDH – Fluid distribution headers are common components used in a variety of gas and liquid applications. An FDH provides a flow path while allowing multiple outlets, acting much like a large branch fitting. This is one of the many preassembled subsystems available from Edmonton Valve & Fitting.

FLIR – Forward looking infrared radiometer cameras are sophisticated thermal-imaging tools for detecting leaks. Any time there's a problem that generates heat, a FLIR camera can find it. A hydrocarbon leak shows up as a cloud on the camera screen, even though it's invisible to the naked eye.

FLM – Fast loop modules are designed to handle high flows in sample transport lines to reduce time delays for online analyzer systems. Located at the analyzer shelter and offering a bypass, the Swagelok FLM can isolate the sample system and introduce a purge gas for system cleaning. The FLM extracts a sample through a filter while using the high flow rate of bypass to keep the filter element clean. 

FSM – When analyzing a gas sample, it's important to move the sample quickly. One way to speed up delivery is to lower the pressure. That's where a Swagelok field station module comes in. When this pre-engineered subassembly is placed directly off the supply tap, it lowers the pressure of a gas as soon as possible.

ISO – The International Organization for Standardization is an independent, non-governmental membership organization that sets standards of all kinds, from standard musical pitch (ISO 16) to sample preparation of iron ore (ISO 3082) to software testing (ISO 29119). Edmonton Valve & Fitting supports and maintains the ISO 9001 standard for quality management systems.

K Series – The letter K in our K Series regulators is a nod to the series origins at Kenmac Ltd., a British company that Swagelok acquired back in 2003. At the time, regulators were the only gap in Swagelok’s product line for analytical instrumentation. Since then, Swagelok has closed the gap to become your supplier for sample handling. The K Series includes 17 different models of pressure-reducing, backpressure and specialty regulators.

MPC – Our Modular Platform Component system lets you pack more instrumentation into less space. A substrate channel holds the drop-in components that provide the main flow path. Then it's literally a snap to add surface-mount components to create the fluid distribution system. Swagelok also makes an interactive software tool called the MPC Configurator to help you plan out the details.

MTR – When a customer purchases tubing, they are able to conveniently access our material test report website that will provide details on tubing heat numbers. For example, a sheet might tell you that a particular type of welded tubing contains so much chromium, nickel, and other elements. It also could list the tensile strength, hardness, and other properties. It also show that the product has passed a series of tests. 

NPT – The National Pipe Thread standard applies to tapered threads on pipes and fittings. NPT threads usually require application of sealing compound or tape to prevent leaks.

Up next we will be posting acronymns in the P-R range! 

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