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Cost of Steam Systems: Beyond Fuel Cost & Boiler Efficiency

Fuel cost and boiler efficiency are key elements, but they tell less than half the story. For example, depending on the system, condensate may be getting to the tank through several different return s …

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'As Free as the Air?' Not with a Gas Leak

Compressed air can be one of the most expensive utilities in an industrial plant

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Our Fitting Reclamation Program Helps Keep Swagelok Fittings in Service Longer

One advantage of Swagelok's patented two-ferrule fitting design is the ability to re-use the body without leaks. Most of the cost of replacement is in the fittings, not the nuts and ferrules. Sometime …

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Let Edmonton Valve Build the System, Saving You Time and Effort

Our Custom Solutions department takes the hassle out of high-quality assembly

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Those Expensive Tools? You Can Borrow Them from Edmonton Valve

Rent from Edmonton Valve & Fitting for a fraction of the purchase price

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