At Your Service: Edmonton Valve Offers a Lot More than Just Parts

Posted by Katie Dennis on Tue, Apr 28, 2015 @ 09:04 AM

We have six major ways to help you get the most out of your Swagelok products


Custom Solutions is a specialized department at Edmonton Valve and of one of the many service offerings we provide our customer. To get more information on our Custom Solutions department, download our brochure below.

Custom Solutions

Edmonton Valve & Fitting is a lot more than just a place to get Swagelok parts. We also offer six major areas of service that will help you get top performance from those parts and from your fluid system in general. Here are three of them.

Product selection support

If you aren't sure which Swagelok products or model numbers are best for your needs, we'll be glad to help. We can offer you more than 1 million Swagelok CAD templates and sales drawings. The CAD templates come in a variety of 2D and 3D file formats, while the sales drawings come as PDF files.

Our outsourcing department can provide you with products that complement Swagelok products. This department helps you reduce the number of suppliers, consolidate your purchases, and leverage a trusted service channel for complementary products.

We also offer several calculator and configuration tools. The online CV calculator allows you to easily calculate the flow of selected valves. The Modular Platform Components (MPC) Configurator is an interactive tool to build and assemble miniature modular designs prior to purchasing. Our menu-driven software lets you figure out what you need on screen, then produces a complete bill of materials with the part numbers along with an assembly schematic. 

Custom Solutions

Even if you have just the glimmer of a solutions idea, it's not too early to consult Edmonton Valve and Fitting. We've written a lot about our Custom Solutions Department, which is there to create parts and assemblies specific to our customers' needs.

While we don't do engineering drawings, we can make concept drawings that help you with your design.

Purchasing and procurement

We use a variety of electronic formats to make purchasing and procurement convenient for you.

With our eProcurement tool, you can get quotes and place orders online. Browse products by category, performance requirements, physical characteristics and more. All online quoting and ordering goes through Edmonton Valve & Fitting, so you still get a personalized service.

This is just a brief overview of those three services, not an exhaustive list. In our next post, we'll explore three more types of service that you can count on from Edmonton Valve and Fitting.


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