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What Topped Edmonton Valve's Customers' Reading Lists in 2015

These downloads drew the biggest audience in the past year

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Swagelok Socket Weld Fittings: It Pays to Learn the Differences


The concept is the same for tubing and pipe, but the parts aren't interchangeable

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Edmonton Valve’s CNC Bender Makes Quick Work of Custom Orders


Computer controls allow creativity along with precision and fast tube bending

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More Alphabet Soup: Swagelok Products & Industry Acronyms (P & R)


When you see these abbreviations, now you'll know what the letters mean

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Swagelok Listens, Our Customers Reap the Benefits

Company president Art Anton talks about ways we can ease your burdens

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Swagelok Tube Fitter's Manual Updated and Revised


Major new edition now available in either softcover or as a free download

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