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Trusted Swagelok Components for Extreme Conditions (Customer Video)

Leadership at Triton's EMEA division discuss why Triton Submarines specifies Swagelok.

Triton Submarines built the first and only ultra-deep submersible certified to "Depth: Unlimited". In the video below, leadership at Triton EMEA discusses why Triton specifies Swagelok in its critical …

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Why Is Tube Fitting Intermixing & Interchanging a Problem? A New Swagelok Video Explains

Some manufacturers claim their products are interchangeable with Swagelok-designed products. But using hybrid tube fittings can be dangerous, especially in critical applications.

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Swagelok Solutions for Hydrogen Applications

Learn about Swagelok products used in on-vehicle and infrastructure hydrogen applications.

Of the 6,000+ fluid system parts Swagelok has developed, some are specifically engineered for compatibility with hydrogen applications. Today we'll highlight 10 product lines.

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Swagelok Tube Fitting Installation Class is Now Available in 2 Sizes

Today we'll look at what is covered in our 45-minute Introduction to Tube Fitting Installation and Safety session versus the half-day Tube Fitting Installation Essentials Seminar. 

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FAQ: How Fast Can You Deliver a Custom Fluid System Assembly?

Assembling Swagelok parts into sub-assemblies requires time and expertise. You can save by turning the job over to our Custom Solutions Department.

With our in-house experts, large inventory, fully equipped shop, and decades of experience, we are efficient. Safety and reliability are the top priorities.

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FAQ: Which Swagelok Location Should I Contact?

Quickly identify the Swagelok locations closest to you with the info and link at this page.

Quickly identify the Swagelok Sales and Service Centre closest to you with the info and links below.

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