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Beyond the Basics: Swagelok Ball Valve Actuation Options

by Katie Reid, on Thu, Aug 13, 2020 @ 10:08 AM

Enhance instrumentation and process ball valve performance and control

ball valveWith Swagelok's offering of accessories for instrumentation and process valves, you will be sure to see an enhancement in both performance and control. Download a copy of Edmonton Valve's Actuated Ball Valves PDF below. 

Actuate Ball Valve Options

A basic ball valve is simple: a sphere with a hole through it. Line up the hole with the tubing on either side of the valve, and fluid can run at full flow. Turn the sphere 90 degrees, and you shut off flow. Can it get any easier than that?

Yes it can, with Swagelok's ball valve actuation options. Swagelok offers a range of accessories to enhance instrumentation and process ball valve performance and control. 

Let's start with Swagelok's pneumatic actuators. They are available both in our standard 130 and in our 150 series rack-and-pinion models, and in our ISO 5211-compliant models.

130 and 150 Series

The Swagelok 130 and 150 Series pneumatic actuator features 90-degree actuation in three different configurations:

  • 2-way (straight and angle) flow paths
  • 3-way (L and H special flow paths)
  • 4-way flow paths

We also offer it with 180-degree actuation for other 3-way flow paths. 

Spring-return and double acting models are available. Our standard-service actuator is designed for service from -28 °C to 93 °C. We also have special service actuators for high-temperature applications up to 204°C, and for low-temperature applications down to -40°C. Do you need a nonfluorocarbon actuator? We have those too.

Other available options

  • Solenoid Valves: attach to the actuator to create an electropneumatically actuated assembly.
  • Limit Switches: indicate actuator position by means of an electrical signal.
  • Position Sensors: provide visual status of a valve.
  • Fusible Plug: a fail-safe pneumatic actuator that contains a Swagelok fusible plug and a Swagelok mud dauber fitting. The fusible plug melts if the external temperature reaches 280°F (137°C), relieving pressure in the actuator and allowing the valve to cycle closed.
  • Air Filter/Muffler: These compact units decrease exhaust noise and prevent foreign particles from entering the air actuator.

You can get all of these as factory assemblies or in kits ready for field assembly, and we have spring-return actuators for lower-pressure air.

Download a copy of our Ball Valve Actuation Options PDF right to your computer. And you can always call us at 780-437-0640 or send a note through our contact page and we will get back to you shortly with product help and ordering information. 


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