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For Analytical Instrumentation, K Series Regulators Have It Covered

by Katie Dennis, on Tue, Jul 31, 2012 @ 08:07 AM

Swagelok’s smaller regulators come in 17 basic models and many configurations


swagelok pressure regulators

For a full size diagram of regulator features, download the Swagelok catalogue on K Series regulators »

If you weren’t among the 65,000 or so attendees at the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary in mid-June, you missed a chance to see the two lines of pressure regulators that were featured at the Swagelok booth. But thanks to our new blog, we can fill you in. In our most recent post we told you about our RHPS series, so now we’d like to feature the K Series.

"K" - a nod to Kenmac Ltd

The letter K is a nod to the series origins at Kenmac Ltd., a British company that Swagelok acquired back in 2003. At the time, regulators were the only gap in Swagelok’s product line for analytical instrumentation. Since then, Swagelok has been the only supplier anyone needs for sample handling. The K Series has continued to grow, and now includes 17 different models of pressure-reducing, back-pressure and specialty regulators.

Actually, that understates the variety of feature combinations you can get with the K Series. Take the general purpose KPR pressure-reducing regulator. You can order it in stainless steel, brass or an alloy. It comes in six different pressure ranges, five different kinds of ports, two different kinds of seat material, and a few other options.

Download the K Series catalogue

Download the K Series catalogue, then give us a call at Edmonton Valve & Fitting to talk about the right combination of features for your application.


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