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Webinar Gives Detailed Look at Swagelok Pre-Engineered SubSystems

by Katie Dennis, on Wed, Oct 03, 2012 @ 09:10 AM

Since you couldn’t travel hundreds of miles to see them in person, we have put our demo online

Have you ever wished that you could grab an off-the-shelf solution instead of having to design your own subsystems? A lot of customers have felt that way. We know because Swagelok has listened to its customer advisory board. They wanted an array of subsystems designed to their specs, ready to plug and play.

Pre-engineered subsystems

The result is what we call Pre-Engineered Subsystems, or PrESS for short. It’s a series of Swagelok components predesigned and pre-assembled for use anywhere that fluids are processed.  They range from simple weldments to complex manifolds. The list includes fluid distribution headers, sample probe modules, calibration and switching modules, and others. We’re continuing to add to the list.

Earlier this summer some Swagelok customers in California got a chance to see five versions of the new PrESS assemblies in person. Thanks to the cooperation of offices across Swagelok’s global distribution network, you can see that same presentation without leaving Alberta.

The webinar was led by two experts: Doug Nordstrom, analytical instrumentation market manager, Swagelok; and Tony Waters, an industry expert and consultant to the field. Nordstrom focuses his efforts on advancing Swagelok’s involvement in sample handling systems. Waters has 30-plus years of experience with sampling systems and is an expert in the application of process analyzers in refineries and chemical plants.

Together they demonstrated how PrESS can save a company time and money.

Waters discussed the use of standardized subsystems for capturing, conditioning, and transporting process samples to analyzer systems, and how this approach can mean quicker installations, easier maintenance, better system performance, and lower cost of ownership. The idea is to replace time consuming, from-scratch sub system design, which are engineered to order, with discrete components that are predesigned and easily available. It’s ideal for repeat applications in typical analyzer systems. It means you get standard configurations and layout consistency at the lowest possible installed cost. They even come with user manuals and a warranty.

Nordstrom and Waters illustrated the savings by showing how one sample system would take 135 total part numbers and 54 hours of assembly to create from scratch. Creating the same system from PrESS assemblies cuts the order down to 17 part numbers and only 6 hours of assembly.

The webinar then went through five specific examples to show how PrESS works in real life.

* Calibration and Switching Modules --  These highly configurable units are built with Swagelok modular platform component (MPC) products, that perform final conditioning of sample before analysis. Select from up to 10 sample and 2 calibration streams using the Swagelok stream selector system (SSV series).

* Fast Loop Modules -- Designed for handling long transport lines from tap to analyze, these modules are built for minimum pressure drop for the fastest response time. Interlocking handles help prevent incorrect sequence of operation.

* Field Station Modules -- These assemblies are used to precondition a gas sample at the extraction point. It is highly configurable to match process conditions and can mount directly to process nozzles.

* Fluid Distribution Headers – The headers have versatile manifolds for gas and liquid applications and Swagelok components for reliability. Fluid distribution headers can be connected inline to create longer lengths.

* Sample Probe Modules  -- These modules include a wide range of probes for various applications. Probe interlocks protect equipment and valve interlocks improve safety of operation.

PrESS assemblies arrive at your door ready to go. You don’t have to build an inventory of components, or figure out what to do with the ones that don’t conform to specs. By working directly with Edmonton Valve & Fitting, you avoid mark-ups and administrative costs of middleman suppliers. And the assemblies come with Swagelok’s expertise behind them.

In the meantime, you can see the 30-minute briefing yourself right here. Afterwards, give us a call and let us know how we can put PrESS to work for you.


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