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PrESS Bonus: Webinar Questions and Answers

by Katie Dennis, on Tue, Oct 09, 2012 @ 09:10 AM

Live participation offers attendees a chance to discuss with the experts 

If you haven’t yet had a chance to look at the online webinar about Swagelok’s new Pre-Engineered Sub Systems, we encourage you to spend a brief 30 minutes looking at last week's webinar .  It features Doug Nordstrom, an analytical instrumentation market manager with Swagelok, and industry expert Tony Waters. Together they explained how PrESS assemblies work, and how they can save time and money. Click here to see the video!

When you view the presentation, you’ll also see one of the perks for those who can participate in such events live. Whenever possible, we like to have our experts stick around after the formal classes for some question-and-answer sessions. The next time Edmonton Valve & Fitting presents a webinar, consider signing up. You won’t have to go away at the end of the session wondering about some aspect that really interests you. It’s a rare chance to get some personal attention from industry experts.

Here are some of the issues Doug and Tony tackled after giving an introduction to PrESS:

Q: If we want to customize one of the PreEngineered Sub-Systems beyond what is detailed in the catalog, is that possible?  If so, how would we go about specifying the customization?

A: Swagelok's custom solutions group can very easily customize a PrESS module. We process these requests by taking a standard catalog PrESS that most closely matches, and modifying to meet the customer's application.  As we make these changes, we adjust the price and delivery according to the effort involved with supplying the special components within the customized PrESS.  Simply ask your Swagelok sales representative for the adjustments to the catalog item and he can enter the quote request with the factory.

Q: What is a typical lead time on a fast loop module? 

A: All catalog PrESS units, including the fast loop module, have a target of four weeks.  We accomplish this through stocking all of the components involved in the final assembly. Once an order is received, Swagelok simply removes the parts from inventory and assembles the final unit.  Our goal for customized PrESS is six to eight weeks, but this is highly dependent on the nature of the customization.

Q: Can we specify non-Swagelok components if needed? 

A: Yes, although not all components included in the module are able to be changed. We are willing to include other manufacturer's components for non-core products, such as rotameters and gauges. However, with core Swagelok products such as fittings and ball valves, we will not switch these out for a competitive product.

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