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Missed Our Winterization Webinar? No Sweat!

by Taryn Hardes, on Thu, Nov 15, 2012 @ 10:11 AM

Videos of the series will help you catch up on ways to keep the cold at bay

Life doesn't always allow us enough time to do everything we want to, when we want to. Some of you might have missed out on our winterization webinar series back in September. Or maybe you did attend the webinar and wish you could go over them again. Don't worry. We recorded the three-part series and have just put it online. You can still get the benefit of the presentation by local field service advisor Tristian McCallion in three 30-minute videos.

Part 1 covers the basics of heat tracing systems to keep pipes from freezing. McCallion discusses material selection and design, plus system startups. Part 2 looks at steam trap stations for tracing. While steam traps are a highly reliable technology, that very reliability means that younger workers coming up through the ranks may not have much experience dealing with them. Part 3 covers unit heaters, including which conditions are better for the propeller type or the blower type, and the proper way to position heaters for maximum benefit. 

The series was a big hit when originally presented, and even though the cold weather has already arrived in Alberta this year, the video series will show you how to get the jump on winter in the future. Viewing the videos will give you the same experience as watching live, although this time around you won’t get the opportunity to ask McCallion live questions, as registered viewers did back in September. (That's something to remember when we schedule future webinars.) However, you can get a copy of the Q&A transcript! Or you can fill out our Ask An Expert form and we can pass your questions on to Tristian McCallion for expert advice.

  • To get started watching our new videos, click here.  
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  • To submit a question on Winterization to Tristian, click here.

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