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How to Order Swagelok Products Faster with Online Services

by Katie Dennis, on Fri, Apr 05, 2013 @ 15:04 PM

And when you want some human help, Edmonton Valve and Fitting's Delia Roman is ready to assist you

  ebusiness at EVF

Download "An Introduction to Using" to learn more about ebusiness at Edmonton Valve. 

When you know what you want and you want to get your order to us quickly, it's hard to beat the eBusiness tools offered by Edmonton Valve & Fitting. We can set up an account just for you on our website, giving you access to a variety of benefits, like the ability to forward shopping carts to your purchasing agent. You can get data from our catalogue and load it directly into a purchase order system, and import parts lists from Excel spreadsheets. You can even watch inventory levels in real time thanks to our barcode-based inventory management systems. 

eBusiness tools

These eBusiness tools help you see when it’s time to re-order, allows you to put your order together faster, and with less chance of putting in incorrect numbers.

Our tools work easily with resource planning systems. You can download thousands of CAD drawings, make electronic payments and get data for your own recordkeeping.

As convenient as it is to conduct business this way, there are still times when you want a human being to guide you or answer your questions. That's when Delia Roman comes in. She's in charge of e-business at Edmonton Valve & Fitting.

Customer-service assistance

"Even though everything goes through the web and we exchange all this information electronically, we are not trying to replace the direct contact. We are here to answer directly to any questions you have”. Delia is there to untangle any confusion about purchase orders, request for quotes, pricing, and acknowledging orders.

Because the eBusiness system lends itself to repeat customers, Delia quickly gets to know them and their needs. She's always watching out to see if there might be better options for what a customer is trying to accomplish. If there are, she will contact the customer directly.

As a new generation moves into positions of authority among our client companies, eBusiness tools are becoming a natural choice.

“It is one more option for our customers. We want to be our customer’s first choice. They can contact us any way they want," Delia said.

Some of our Alberta customers are part of multinational corporations, so Delia might find herself discussing orders with someone in Argentina or India. The international aspect is fitting for Delia. She came to Canada only five years ago from Spain, where her family had settled after leaving her native Romania.

"I started with Edmonton Valve and Fitting right after I came to Canada," she said. "This was my first Canadian job and I enjoy working in this great environment with great people.”

While eBusiness is only one of her duties at Edmonton Valve & Fitting, it's one she really enjoys.

"I think this is a great system. You can conduct business from anywhere in the world," she said. "It is a small world after all.” 

Learn more details about eBusiness here.

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