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Meet the New Liaison for Edmonton Valve's Two Branch Offices

by Katie Dennis, on Wed, Mar 13, 2013 @ 15:03 PM

Andrew Beliveau keeps Fort McMurray and Drayton employees connected

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Andrew Beliveau is the new branch liason for Edmonton Valve's branch offices. He is also an avid golfer in the summer.

Our branch offices in Fort McMurray and Drayton are vital to helping us serve Alberta customers, and Andrew Beliveau is crucial to keeping the branches in sync with our Edmonton headquarters. Beliveau took over the role this past December in addition to his ongoing duties in sales and customer service.

"It definitely keeps me busier, but I was ready for a new challenge and to push myself," he says.

Our Fort McMurray branch has a half-dozen people handling the warehouse and customer service counter, as well as outside sales. The Drayton branch is a bit smaller, but includes two mobile units that make a lot of on-site deliveries. Beliveau visits each branch once or twice a month, and stays in contact on a daily basis by phone and email.

"Basically I am bridging the communications between the two branches, making sure everybody is on the same page, that they know of any new things we are doing in Edmonton, helping employees with their goal planning and training as well as deepening their product knowledge," Beliveau says. Most employees get to come to Edmonton for a lot of hands-on, one-on-one training with some of our senior sales staff.

Beliveau came out of the University of Calgary in 2009 with a degree in political science (not a bad subject for dealing with the many personalities within a company, when you think about it). Calgary was fun, but he never hesitated in moving back home. One of his aunts, a job recruiter, told him that Edmonton Valve & Fitting was one of the best companies she worked with, and he took her advice and landed an interview. In fact, he had four interviews.

"They definitely took their time. It is a specific culture at Edmonton Valve & Fitting, and they want to make sure that the person is the right fit. When we interview here, we are looking for really good people," he says. "In some cases, the people we have working here don't necessarily come from a sales background. They are groomed [into their position]."

Beliveau's grooming began with several months in the warehouse, filling orders and learning the many parts that we have in stock.  

"It definitely is a grassroots kind of approach here. You learn at your own pace," he says. "Once I felt comfortable with the product, I started the customer service role."

When work is done and weather permits, Beliveau heads out to the golf course. Otherwise he hits the gym several times a week to stay in shape. Then it's back in the car to go back out to Fort McMurray and Drayton Valley.


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