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PrESS Sample Probe Modules Work Right Out of the Box

by Taryn Hardes, on Tue, Apr 02, 2013 @ 15:04 PM

We save customers time and labour by taking care of all the assembly


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Using the SPM in conjunction with sample probe valves can improve safety, sample purity, and timeliness.

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It has been a while since we blogged about PrESS, our Pre-Engineered Subsystems. You may recall that PrESS is when we take Swagelok components and assemble them into predesigned subsystems for use anywhere that fluids are processed. 

Improved System

Take, for example, our PrESS Sample Probe Modules (SPM). These modules include a wide range of probes for various applications. This is a relatively inexpensive product that feeds expensive analyzer systems. It's also one of the most vulnerable parts, too, says David Flett, an account manager at our Drayton Valley branch. In our version stop collars protect equipment and an integral valve improves the safety of the system. We simply put together the probe so that it’s one less thing customers have to do themselves.

"A typical customer's ordering procedure when buying parts, is often to buy a couple of extras. Then they end up with extra parts left over," Flett says. But PrESS Sample Probes come complete, ready to install right out of the box, with no wastage.

Adjustable Length

"One of the unique things with the probe PrESS product is that they can adjust the length of the probe," Flett says. "In a traditional bored-through fitting, the ferrules would be encapsulated on the fitting. You'd have to rip the whole system apart to adjust the insertion depth. But with the new PrESS offering, you can easily adjust the length of the probe." This is due to the superior design of the packing sealing gland. Also, sometimes removing a process sample for an online analyzer can be difficult to accomplish safely. But with Swagelok SPMs, a block-and-bleed valve allows proper isolation of the process fluid and venting of the system pressure. 

Simply talking about PrESS has helped introduce some customers to products they didn't realize were available from Swagelok, Flett says. The great thing about PrESS is that even when the Sample Probes or other modules might not be what the customer needed at the time, the discussion has sometimes led to us creating another solution for our customers.  To learn more about the product, download our catalogue.


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