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Space-Saving Process Interface Valves: VB03 and VB04

by Taryn Hardes, on Tue, May 14, 2013 @ 16:05 PM

Smaller and lighter than standard multi-valve assemblies, they're ideal for tight spaces

  Swagelok VB03 and VB04

A process interface valve has the footprint of one valve but does the job of two or three valves. Above on the left is a traditional 3-Valve Assembly. On the right is a Swagelok VB04 Series Double Block and Bleed Valve.

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Standard valves can take up a good amount of space, especially when you need two or three in an assembly. That can pose a challenge if you have a tight space to work with, or if you are trying to minimize overall weight. 

To meet that challenge, we offer the VB03 and VB04 process interface valves. Each gives you the footprint of one valve while doing the job of two or three valves. Compact size and reduced weight minimizes space envelope and support structure required. This one-valve configuration also provides the advantage of fewer potential leak points. While not one of the most common valves you'll encounter, it's a great option to know about when you need it, and the single-source unit reduces maintenance time and costs.

The accompanying illustration shows what a difference the VB03 and VB04 can make. In this case, it's 43 centimetres.

They work in a variety of applications:

  • Process piping isolation points
  • Direct mount to instruments
  • Chemical injection and sampling points
  • Vents and drains
  • Double block and bleed isolation


The big advantage from the double block and bleed feature is being able to isolate the process and pull a sample out, or hook something out to the bleed port and be able to calibrate something downstream to an instrument.

The VB03 is our three-piece, bolted body, with bore sizes of one to two inches. The VB04 has an even more compact one-piece body, with bore sizes of three-eighths to three-quarter inches. Both come with anti-blowout valve stems and needles. Both come in a choice of carbon steel, stainless, or duplex stainless.

For all the details on the VB03 and VB04, download the catalogue »


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