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New Industrial Sampling Systems Textbook Covers Theory & Examples

by Taryn Hardes, on Thu, May 23, 2013 @ 15:05 PM

The definitive book on sampling systems brought to you by a leading expert, published by Swagelok


Industrial Sampling Systems

The textbook by Tony Waters, the leading expert
on industrial sampling systems, includes designs, tips, drawings, photos, and self-assessments. More >>

Sampling system mistakes and errors are always costly, sometimes dangerous, and often go undetected. Surprisingly, very few colleges and universities offer sampling system design in their curricula. The reason for this could be because little has been written that could appropriately be used as a textbook ... until now.

Industrial Sampling Systems balances theory and practical examples -- making it a must-have reference for experienced sampling system engineers, designers, and technicians, as well as students.

Each of the 12 chapters covers a different aspect of a sample system, such as:

  • Introduction to Sampling
  • The Core Principles of Sample System Design
  • Evaluation and Design of Sample Transport Lines
  • Location and Design of Process Sampling Taps
  • Preconditioning the Process Sample
  • Controlling Sample Flow
  • Controlling Sample Pressure
  • Sample Temperature Control
  • Change of State
  • Sample Conditioning and Disposal
  • Sample Isolation and Switching Systems
  • The Future of Process Sampling                    

Other topics covered

  • “Is an analytical measurement useful even when it’s not accurate?”
  • “What’s the best way to stop resonant vibration in a probe?”
  • “How do I calculate time delay of a 2 barg gas flow at 500 mL/min?”
  • “How many liquid level alarms should a liquid holding tank have?”
  • “What is the most used system design for introducing a calibration sample to the analyzer?”

About the author

This comprehensive textbook includes decades of experience and thousands of hours of research. Author Tony Waters is an engineer, a teacher, and a lifelong student himself.  He is a frequent speaker at conferences and industry events and is particularly known for his training courses that have been presented in many countries around the world. His presentations are very popular and have equal appeal to engineers and maintenance technicians. Further, his training sessions are appropriate for any and all professionals in the design or operation of process analyzer sampling systems.

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