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Meet One of Our Drayton Valley Customer Service Reps, Tammy Pequin

by Katie Dennis, on Wed, Jul 10, 2013 @ 15:07 PM

Tubing, valves, and fittings from food distribution was a steep learning curve Tammy took in her stride 


Here is Tammy Pequin at the Drayton branch. 

When Tammy Pequin joined our branch office, Drayton Valve & Fitting Ltd. in August last year, she had to get up to speed fast. Her previous experience had been for a large food distribution company, so there wasn't a lot of overlap with valves, fittings, regulators, and gauges. So naturally Tammy dove right in.

Extensive training

The first week, she shadowed her fellow co-workers in customer service and the warehouse. Then they put her to work picking parts to learn the inventory. Tubes and fittings are at the core of Swagelok's product line, and a vital part of the oil business in Drayton Valley, so she also came to Edmonton for a course in tube bending

This was the same tube-bending course that we offer to our customers. It includes instruction on the fittings and assembly. The final is a written test and a practical assembly component, where each participant builds a tubing stand with some quarter-inch tubing. We then pressurize it until it bursts. If the student did the job right, the tube will burst before the fitting fails. Tammy’s work stood up to the test.

As a memento she went home with the section of burst tubing, along with a certificate showing that she completed the training.  "That's like a trophy," she says. "I have a whole new appreciation for half of Drayton."

Any customer who deals with our Drayton Valley branch has probably encountered Tammy in the past year, either helping at the counter or by phone. She processes orders, picks parts and handles invoicing. She even does electronic invoicing for a number of Edmonton customers.

Family-oriented company

Tammy has a rich life outside of work, and the chance to have real work-life balance was one of the things that attracted her to our company. In her food distribution job, she had to travel a lot, and it was too taxing on her family. With three kids ages 9, 11, and 13, the family needs her to be there for soccer, jiu-jitsu lessons, church groups, and the school council.

“There is a definite openness to family here. From President Keith Johns down, nobody expects your family to be second to your job," Tammy says. "When I talk to him, he asks me about my children. There is more concern for the individual and their life outside of work than just, 'What are you doing at your job today?' "

This culture helps Tammy do her job better, and although she isn’t expected to be working from home late into the night, she’s more than will to go the extra mile when necessary. “I’m at the office early for our 7:30 a.m. walk-in customers so they can get out in the field. And our after-hour numbers are available on our phone recording. So if people need service on the weekend, we can be reached. We are always happy to help.”

If you are in the Drayton Valley area and have a question, you can call Tammy or any of our Drayton Valley team at 1-780-542-7988 or as always you can send us an email.


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