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Swagelok's Fluid Distribution Headers: Easy, Fast, and Versatile

by Katie Dennis, on Thu, Aug 01, 2013 @ 12:08 PM

A Swagelok Pre-Engineered Subsystem (PrESS)


FDH Swagelok

The Swagelok Fluid Distribution Header (FDH) with 6 branch outlets. It can replace an existing system or be part of a new project. Both custom and stock solutions are available.

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When Swagelok recently introduced its pre-engineered Fluid Distribution Headers (FDH), we knew we had a winner on our hands.

Previously, customers had to make do with individually fabricated headers ranging in quality or contrive a solution from several components. That's troublesome because:

  • Trusting individually fabricated headers requires faith in the person performing the welding
  • The end product won't have a Canadian Registration Number (CRN).
  • Trusting a solution contrived from several components may get the job done, but the solution is often an ungainly creation with several connection points.

Introducing a versatile, reliable new product

Now, we have a versatile product offering that can be in the customer's hands, built to Swagelok's well known quality standards and ready to be installed with a CRN!

Each header is custom made at our factory in Cleveland, Ohio but because of the growing support and demand for FDH’s in our service territory, Edmonton Valve & Fitting stocks common sizes and configurations.

Typically, a fluid header is either inserted into a design to replace an existing system, or it is part of a new project altogether that is slated for completion. Both require thoughtful and accurate planning. Our customers have the choice of designing their very own unique FDH or, if time is of the essence, we’ll likely be able to provide a solution from our stock at Edmonton Valve.

Fitting the tool to the job

By versatile, we mean the FDH can be used wherever an application requires multiple outlets for gas, liquid, or even steam. Because the header comes with multiple ports (4-16 outlets), often we can provide a solution where extra ports can be plugged off and/or inlet connections changed out to adapt to the customer's design.

In Swagelok’s FDH catalog, headers are often displayed with several valves and gauges, but the header itself is the machined bar stock component in the centre – either 1” or 2” platforms are available. Branch outlets can be machined on the left, front, and right sides of the system, or on a combination of two sides.

Typically, a fluid distribution header has a main isolation valve and several outlets, each with its own isolation valve. As a distribution manifold, the header connects several users to the source of a utility fluid such as cooling water, steam, compressed air, or plant nitrogen. In a typical analyzer house, for instance, one header can be used for instrument air, another for plant nitrogen, and yet another for steam. Multiple header subsystems can be screwed together end-to-end to make longer header runs.

With working pressure ratings of up to 3000psig, a documented CRN, and a seemingly endless choice of high-quality Swagelok valves and end connections, it’s no wonder the FDH has been so popular.

Get more info and a hands-on look

Contact us to arrange a hands-on look at this impressive product. In the meantime, download the free product catalogue »

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