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Swagelok's 60 Series Ball Valves Cover a Range of Applications

by Taryn Hardes, on Wed, Feb 19, 2014 @ 16:02 PM

Choose the model, options, and accessories for your unique application


The Swagelok 60 Series Ball Valve is a highly versatile product line. Learn more here:

Swagelok Valves Information

Ball valves are a practical and economical way to control flow in a wide variety of applications, and Swagelok's 60 Series offers a highly flexible design in a broad range of sizes.

Internal features set 60 Series apart

It's the internal features that set the 60 Series valves apart. The stem bearing has serrations that will hold lubricant, reducing torque and extending the lifespan of the valve. We use a live-loaded seat, in which two washers are constantly adjusting in order to push the load down into the packing system. It creates an even seal without pressure. Our swing-out design allows for inline maintenance, allowing you to change the packing while leaving the valve inline. Your line will be back up and running in much less time than when using traditional valves.

Add various flanges and inserts

We can add different flanges to give you two completely different end connections on the same valve.

We also have inserts for the dead space around a valve, a useful addition in systems where the fluid may harden or crust up.

Special needs, special designs

The 60 Series includes half a dozen different variants for special applications:

Steam Service

Steam is more corrosive than many fluids, creating the need for more than a general-purpose valve. Our steam service ball valves can reduce lost energy, downtime, and safety hazards associated with leaking valves in a steam system. Unlike conventional sealing methods, our patented designs of the seats and stem packing in the steam series ball valves resist the erosive nature of steam, thus improving performance and enhancing safety.

Thermal Service

Our thermal service ball valve, with its unique, spring-like metal seat, is designed to maintain a seal with a minimum seat load against the ball. It is intended for use with high-viscosity thermal fluids, and resists contamination of the thermal liquid.

Fire Series

The Fire Series can stand up to heat. Flexible graphite stem packing provides a reliable stem seal during normal conditions and maintains a seal in the event of fire. A vented ball allows pressure to equalize between the valve body and the upstream port, preventing overpressurization and potential seal blowout. Eight-bolt construction maintains body integrity and body seals during rapid temperature changes resulting from fire exposure and water quenching.

Chlorine Series

Our Chlorine Series valve has a carbon steel valve body with virgin PTFE seats and packing. An upstream ball vent prevents overpressurization in the ball and body when the valve is closed.

All-Welded Valves

Our All-Welded Valves incorporate the proven design features of the on-off ball valve, all-welded body construction, and live-loaded packing to ensure total system fluid containment.

Options and accessories

To further tailor the Series 60 to your needs, the valves are available with a range of options and accessories. On-off (2-way) ball valves are available with either an internal or an external vent. These vents are available for either upstream or downstream service.

Accessories include solenoid valves, limit switches, and position sensors. Factory assemblies and kits for field assembly are available. Swagelok rack and pinion pneumatic actuators are ISO 5211 compliant and are suitable for general applications. They are available in spring-return and double-acting modes.

Swagelok also offers electric actuators. They are are rugged and lightweight, and used with alternating or direct-current power sources. Fore more information on applications, options, and accessories for the entire Swagelok Ball Valve line, visit our page offering Swagelok valves catalogues:

Swagelok Valves Information


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