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Quick-Connect Fittings Make Maintenance Easier

by Taryn Hardes, on Tue, Jun 10, 2014 @ 14:06 PM

Swagelok offers quick-connects in a variety of configurations and options


Swagelok Quick-Connects come in a variety of styles, sizes, and end connections. For more information on series and options, download the Swagelok Quick-Connects catalogue.

For those sections of a fluid system that require fittings to be detached and reattached with some frequency, quick-connect fittings can relieve a lot of headaches. A quick-connect gives you a make and break point, limits spillage and saves time. They require no twisting, turning, or wrenching. Swagelok quick-connects come in a variety of configurations and several options.

Learn the jargon

When selecting a quick-connect, it helps to be familiar with some common terms. Some quick-connects can be shut off only at the body, often referred to as SESO for Single End Shut Off. Other models feature Double End Shut Off or DESO. SESO stems have no valves and remain open when uncoupled. DESO stems have valves and shut off when uncoupled, as does the body. Not sure which one you have? DESO quick-connects come with a red marker on them.

"Spillage" is exactly what it sounds like, the amount of fluid that drains out when the connection is uncoupled. You'll also see references to "air inclusion," which is the amount of air trapped inside the quick-connect when it is coupled to the rest of the system. Then there are the locking rings that maintain a connection, known as locking dogs.

Some series allow flow in only one direction, from the body to the stem. Other series allow bidirectional flow. Some series will not uncouple under pressure, while others require various amounts of pressure in order to uncouple. Figure out which features you want, and we can help you find the quick-connect that has them. So if you need a DESO with bidirectional flow, locking dogs, a release button and system pressures of 50 PSI to 250 PSI to uncouple, we'll point you to Swagelok's QTM Series. But if you need a SESO with the flow going only from the body to the stem, the QC Series may be the place to look.

Take care

Quick-connects are helpful parts, but they aren't indestructible. To get the most life out of them, follow a few simple tips:

■ Use filters ahead of quick-connects to keep damaging particulates away from the seals.

■ Use body and stem protectors or dust caps on uncoupled bodies and stems.

■ Align bodies and stems when coupling or uncoupling.

■ Couple and uncouple quick-connects at room temperature.

■ Support hanging hoses or other equipment to prevent side load.

■ Relubricate stem seal O-rings periodically.

Ready to find the best quick-connect for your system? Download our catalogue for more information.


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