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New Apps Put Swagelok Product Information at Your Fingertips!

by Taryn Hardes, on Thu, Aug 07, 2014 @ 14:08 PM

Our eDTR, P&D, and iAssemble apps make it easier to research and order Swagelok products.

  edtr image

All Swagelok catalogues on your desktop and iPad - always up to date. >" target="_self">Get more info here>>

In recent years, Swagelok has made it easier and easier for customers to get information about parts and services. It was a great breakthrough when Swagelok put its catalogues on CDs, and even better when they put the Swagelok catalogues online. Then came the Electronic Desktop Technical Reference software, known to most of us as the eDTR.

The free Swagelok eDTR software makes sure your desktop always has the freshest version of Swagelok's catalogues. It installs quickly onto your hard drive from a flash drive that's pre-loaded with the eDTR software. Updates are downloaded to your computer through a “one-click” update process. 

Not only is eDTR available for your desktop, but we've also made an eDTR App!

Edmonton Valve and Fitting worked with our counterparts at Swagelok Northern California and a company called Logical Labs, also in California. John Pataki of Logical Labs created a mobile version of eDTR for the iPad. Now you can browse through Swagelok's catalogues from anywhere.

eDTR for iPad is available on the App Store. 

Speed and ease

  p&d app

 P&D App

The eDTR App isn't the only app we've developed. There are a couple more tools available for mobile devices.

Pataki also created the Price & Delivery app, which we call simply P&D. We started using it internally this past March. P&D is a mobile app showing our inventory for current in-stock availability, plus pricing, with near real time accuracy. It has a simple, intuitive interface for searching and viewing items by part number. We can use it to immediately obtain up-to-date pricing and availability for any product.

When an account manager is working with an engineer on a fluid system design, the account manager can answer any technical questions and look up the various options. It's easy to see which ones are standard, in stock, and which is the lowest cost. The account manager assists the customer with the technical details, price and availability, and can create a quote that can instantly be emailed to the customer.

The customer gets the quote in writing, with hyperlinked text to the product detail on the website where they can place an order, download a CAD drawing, or get all the technical details for use in their design.

Account managers often get after-hours calls from customers. With the P&D app they can instantly determine what is in stock, the price, and if they need to open the office to get the part for the customer. The app even gives them the stock location in our warehouse.

In the past, when account managers needed a quick answer as part of a technical discussion, it involved a call back to the customer service representative. This added extra wait time for the customer, and tied up both the account manager and customer service representative. Now the P&D app does the work.

Putting it all together


 iAssemble App

Our other new app, made available just this month, is iAssemble. This tool can help account managers create a layout for a customer with all of the individual components identified. The first release is very basic. The next version will leverage the database of information created for the P&D app to provide part numbers, part names and descriptions, pricing, and numerous other product details such as fulfillment strategy code, stock location, weight and more.

Our reps will be able to quickly layout a customer’s assembly requirement, take a picture of the existing layout (if applicable), create a priced bill of materials, attach all of that to a detailed quote, and email it to the customer as soon as they confirm the layout.

The idea for the iAssemble app actually came first, though the P&D app took top priority. Logical Labs has built the apps with multiple potential industries in mind, but kept the focus on making sure they first met the needs of Swagelok Northern California and Edmonton Valve & Fitting. 

iAssemble is available on the App Store.

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