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From Edmonton Valve Come the Gifts That Keep on Giving

by Katie Dennis, on Tue, Dec 16, 2014 @ 11:12 AM

With Swagelok parts and services, the entire year becomes brighter

The people working with your company's fluid systems probably don't need another tie or coffee mug for Christmas. And even if they do, those aren't exactly memorable gifts. How about something they would really appreciate - from Swagelok instead?

PrESS here for assembly

  fast loop

Swagelok's Fast Loop Module is one of five Pre-Enginneered Subysytems offerings. For more information on this particular system, read here.

Let's start with the bane of all givers and recipients of gifts: "some assembly required." Your staff probably has plenty to do without having to design and build subsystems such as fluid distribution headerssample probe modules, or calibration and switching modules. What they'd really love is to receive one of Swagelok's Pre-Engineered Subsystems, or PrESS for short. It’s a series of Swagelok components predesigned and pre-assembled for use anywhere that fluids are processed.  They range from simple weldments to complex manifolds.

PrESS modules can mean quicker installations, easier maintenance, better system performance, and lower cost of ownership. PrESS assemblies arrive at your door ready to go. You don’t have to build an inventory of components, or figure out what to do with the ones that don’t conform to specs. They even come with user manuals and a warranty.

Or you could eliminate assembly altogether by giving a call to our Custom Solutions unit. They will pre-assemble and deliver projects as simple as putting an adapter on a valve or as involved as putting together entire sampling systems with complex configurations of tubing.

Because Edmonton Valve & Fitting has the components in-house, our factory-trained installers can do the job quickly and at a higher level of quality than you may be able to achieve in-house. This can save you time and money (who doesn’t like that around the holidays), and you can have full confidence in the work.

One of our tools is a computerized CNC tube bender that can store the specifications for complex compound bends in its memory. That's a key advantage if you are likely to need more of the same assemblies in the future. You'll get exact copies without having to reverse-engineer the specs from an existing unit.

For the "hard to buy-for" on your list


The RoboCrib Vending machine helps track inventory, and provides real-time reports. Could this be the right solution for your company? Read more here.

One of the toughest gift-giving problems is finding something for those who aren’t sure what they need. May we suggest our Value Impact Partnerships?

For example, one of our VIP services is inventory management. We may go to a customer once a month and check what they need for inventory, draw up an order and have the products delivered. We can do this for no extra charge. This frees the customer's warehouse staff to do other work, and eliminates freight charges. We quantify that savings, and put it in a report at the end of the year.

Or we can handle your inventory on consignment. Holding your own inventory can cost 15 percent to 35 percent of the average annual value of items in stock. With consignment inventory, on the other hand, you pay as you go. The inventory stays on your premises, ready to use, but not on your books until you need it. We evaluate your current usage, set minimum and maximum inventory levels, and establish ordering procedures.

In addition to inventory management, our VIP services include equipment rentals, education and training, energy management, e-business tools, and a fitting reclamation program. Not every customer has a need for every service, but the savings can add up fast for the services they do use. At the end of the year, all the savings are put into a report, along with a full menu of other opportunities.

With all these savings, you can buy a lot of coffee mugs too.

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