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Don't Let Compressed Air Leaks Steal Your Money

by Luke Wurban, on Mon, Jul 22, 2019 @ 11:07 AM

While it's not uncommon for older facilities to have leaks, even brand new ones can too. They may seem small, but they can add up quickly.

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It seems harmless - small leaks of gas here and there. These hissing leaks will, however, add up quickly. It takes more electricity to run compressors harder than needed for more gasses that are being wasted. 

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Our detectives can track down leaks for you 

How much of a problem can a little leak be, especially if it's only compressed air? Air is free, right? But compressors aren't, and neither is electricity. Every leak makes your air compressors work harder than they should, costing you money. And if you find one leak in your system, there are probably more to find.

If you are buying bottled gasses, a leak can be an even bigger problem. Aside from the cost, leaking gas may displace oxygen, creating a safety issue.

Call the detectives

Without the right training and equipment, finding leaks can be time consuming. Fortunately, Swagelok has what it takes. When you ask for our compressed gas leak detection service, we send a team of trained associates with airborne ultrasonic detection equipment. We try to pinpoint all the leaks in a system, large or small.

Then we go one step further by providing spreadsheet data and statistics about the leaks we find. We put a dollar amount on the loss, and sometimes the total can be surprising. For example, in one brand new facility inspected by a leak detection crew, the liquid nitrogen system turned out to have $100,000 per year worth of leakage.

With the roadmap provided by Swagelok, it's easier to understand the costs and benefits of fixing leaks. We've produced a short video about it.

Think about what your company could do with the money saved by taking an air compressor offline because it's no longer needed. Or think of the cost of a bottle of gas that's being wasted by leaking into the atmosphere. 

Then ask Edmonton Valve & Fitting to send out a detective squad. Call us at 780-437-0640, message us through the link below, or send a note through our contact page.

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