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Edmonton Valve at Your Service: More than Just Parts (Cont’d).

by Katie Dennis, on Thu, May 07, 2015 @ 13:05 PM

Our six major services will help you get the most out of your Swagelok products


We offer a variety of training and specialty training courses throughout the year. Monthly, we host a full-day "Tube Bending & Safety Installaion" class and this September we are hosting two, two-day "Sampling System Problem Solving & Maintenance Training" courses.


We are continuing to look at six of our major service offerings that can help you get top performance from Swagelok parts and from your fluid system in general.

Supply chain management

You don't have to place each order with us and wait for delivery. We can set you up with a consignment account, where we put our stock on your shelves. We don't bill you for it until you use it. That reduces your cost and your risk, while still having parts available right away.

But maybe you don't want to have a lot of parts/inventory taking up space?  We have a solution for that too, our "just-in-time" delivery process when we schedule delivery when you need it. And in the rarest of circumstances, we've even met people at the side of the highway at dawn to hand off parts.

In between those two options is our Vendor Managed Inventory truck. We'll drive out to your site, check the levels in stock, and figure out what you need. After a quick visit to your procurement office, we'll pick the parts from the truck and stock your shelves.

Swagelok training and education

Swagelok parts must be properly installed and maintained to perform at their best. We regularly offer a variety of training formats to sharpen your skills. In addition to our in-house associates, we bring industry leaders from around the globe to Edmonton for special sessions, including this September's Sample System Maintenance & Problem Solving course.

You can get Swagelok training without even leaving your desk. Through Swagelok University, we offer more than 100 interactive, online courses. Topics include general technical, scientific fundamentals, plant science, industry-specific content, and product information. You can even monitor your own progress through online testing and tracking.

And if it works better for you, we can even bring the training and product demos right to your sight.  Think of it as your own private trade show!

Plant maintenance

Swagelok Energy Advisors can show you how to get top performance from your fluid system. SEA provides engineering, audits, project management, and training programs focused on strengthening in-plant fluid system assessments. Even something as simple as a leak in your compressed air system will cost you money. The air may be free, but it still costs money to run the compressor when you shouldn't have to.

Maybe you know what needs to be done, but you don't have all the right tools. Call us and we'll rent what you need. You won't have to buy swaging units or electronic tube benders, but you'll still get to use the best equipment.

If you are interested in finding out more on Edmonton Valve's service offerings and how we can assist you in your needs, don't delay and contact us today!


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