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Edmonton Valve Is at the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary

by Katie Dennis, on Wed, Jun 03, 2015 @ 14:06 PM

Visit Swagelok's booth June 9 through 11 to see a wide range of our products


With so much to see, it's a good thing the GPS is spread over the course of 3 days. During your visit make sure to visit Swagelok's Booth #1076 to meet Swagelok associates from across North America and see what's new in our product line!

We're heading to Calgary in mid-June again this year to join our Swagelok colleagues at the Global Petroleum Show June 9th through 11th at Stampede Park. Look for Edmonton Valve and Fitting along with Swagelok Grande Prairie, Swagelok Central Canada, and Calgary Valve & Fitting in our usual spot, booth 1076. That's right inside the doors of Hall A. The Exhibition is open Tuesday through Thursday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. the first two days, and closing an hour earlier on Thursday.

The Swagelok product line is too vast to bring everything with us, but we're showing a nice selection. From our valve lines, we'll have a couple of different medium-pressure, trunnion-style ball valves. If you are interested in regulators, you'll want to see our RHPS series, with flange sizes up to 4 inches. Also check out the K series, which includes 17 different models of pressure-reducing, back-pressure and specialty regulators.

More than the sum of its parts

Swagelok makes more than just individual parts. We're proud of our pre-engineered subsystems, a series of Swagelok components predesigned and pre-assembled for use anywhere that fluids are processed. They range from simple weldments to complex manifolds. We'll bring samples from our list, which includes fluid distribution headerssample probe modules, calibration and switching modules, and others.

We'll have some custom solutions at the show too, such as our Grab Sample Station. We have created a sample station that can be used to obtain a sample at any given moment in the plant.

These are products highly valued by our oil and gas customers, which include most of the big names in the Alberta petroleum industry.

We're also bringing some new Swagelok Smart Products. Smart systems can provide critical information about your sampling system, such as alerting your analyzer technician that the sample filter is clogging and needs to be replaced. We are seeing great interest in smart sampling systems from customers who are planning/designing new plants or expansions. Many mention the need to use automation to supplement the shrinking pool of skilled analyzer technicians. Smart products can be retrofitted too. 

Swagelok and so much more

While we'd love for you to spend all your time at the Swagelok booth, there's plenty to see at the show, including presentations on integrating safety into exploration and production operations, innovative technologies in oil and gas exploration and production, and an entrepreneurs' pitch competition. New this year is a complete outdoor demonstration of drilling equipment used in the field.

So make sure you stop by booth #1076 over the three days that the GPS is running to learn about our classic Swagelok parts, see what's new, and meet our Edmonton staff that will be there with other Swagelok associates.

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