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Edmonton Valve’s Inspection Services Tablet Allows for Quick Reporting of Onsite Surveys

by Katie Reid, on Thu, Apr 18, 2019 @ 09:04 AM

Our intrinsically safe tablet can go where ordinary devices can't

Inspection Services Tablet-1

Swagelok's intrinsically safe tablet can check, diagnose, and make note of issues in real time, including taking images as seen above with our onsite inspector James Dickie. This innovation allows for a quick-turnaround of the findings in a detailed report, which enables you to get your plant up to speed faster. 

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Safety has always been a crucial goal when we are called in to evaluate the fluid systems at a customer's work site. If there is even a possibility of leaking inflammable gases, vapours or liquids at the site, the last thing we want to do is to bring in equipment that might cause a spark.

That's why for so many years we were limited to using the old-fashioned clipboard method to take notes when doing a walk-through. Regular computers, cell phones, and other electronics simply aren't safe enough. Just putting a headphone jack into a port might be enough to cause a spark to ignite.

Safe and fast

Swagelok has solved the problem with a new device we're calling an Onsite Inspection Services Tablet. It is Class 1 Division 1 rated, meaning that its protective case will keep all the electricity safely inside. We can take it into any environment without cause to worry.

Now when we walk through a plant to check for potential problems, we can type the notes straight into the tablet rather than writing it on paper and transferring it later into a computer. And an added bonus built into our program is that we can take photos of the way tubing and hoses are routed, leaking, or other problems that we spot and upload them right into our report.

The tablet also allows us to do our job much more quickly. Instead of spending weeks transferring notes and drafting reports, we can turn it around in a matter of days - which means you can get the results faster.

Inside information

The insides of the tablet are equally impressive. Proprietary Swagelok software makes the tablet a powerful tool for helping out customers.

The software is sophisticated. It requires a four-day training course to get up to speed on it. There's a proper way to take a picture, a proper way to input statistics, and a list of things to look for. We're not just putting in random data. We're categorizing issues, backed up with photos where we can point out exactly where the problem is.

Swagelok's software can also take the data and format it into any one of several standard reports, such as statistics for leak rates. By categorizing the locations and urgency of various problems, we can essentially produce a maintenance plan. It can be a comprehensive survey, looking not only at Swagelok components but also parts from other companies, and the routing of tubing, piping and hoses. If we are specifically looking for leaks, we'll also bring our ultrasound gun and Snoop leak detector fluid.

The best part is that you can put our new device to work for you with a simple call to Edmonton Valve & Fitting at 780-437-0640, or with a note using the 'Message Us' on our website (click button below).

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