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Elevate Your Grab Sampling System with Field Advisor Tom Webster

by Katie Reid, on Thu, Apr 22, 2021 @ 12:04 PM

GSM panel with Tom

Think of Edmonton Valve & Fitting's Tom Webster, Field Advisor, as your go-to grab sampling expert. He has completed a year-long training and testing regime under experts like Tony Waters —arguably the leading authority on industrial sampling systems.

About Sampling Audits Grab Sample Panels

In 2014, Tom graduated from Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) with a diploma in Petroleum Engineering Technology. During the years that came after, he served as a process operator at a midstream facility.

"Bringing application experience from working in the field seems key to customers," Tom says. "My years working at a midstream facility is something they relate to. We both have experience with day-to-day process operations."

In 2017, Tom joined Edmonton Valve and Fitting Inc. First he served as a Technical Customer Service Representative. That "meant immersion in Swagelok’s offerings and values, and in understanding the needs of Edmonton Valve and Swagelok customers," he says.

In 2019, Tom joined the Custom Solutions department and began his mentorship with Stacey Phillips. "In that role I specialized in quoting and designing custom solutions," Tom says. "The work enabled me to fully understand the wide range of applications that Swagelok is involved in."

Tom’s knowledge about operations in a plant, combined with the design and engineering skills he has gained with Swagelok make him a fantastic resource to help out customers when they are trying to gain profitability through their onsite systems. He has an ability to see a design when he is onsite to translate real world problems into solutions that improve throughput, efficiency, and profitability for the customer.”
-- Stacey Phillips, Swagelok Field Engineering Manager for the Americas

In 2020, Tom started what he calls his "Swagelok field engineering journey". Over 12 months, Swagelok field advisors and field engineers take part in hundreds of hours of live training with internationally recognized subject matter experts, and pass dozens of increasingly difficult exams to progress. All while fulfilling their regular duties at Swagelok.

Because of his training throughout 2020, Edmonton Valve has expanded capability for conducting Sampling System Evaluation and Advisory Services (SSEAS) and providing grab sample panels. You can tap him for advanced fluid systems and sampling systems expertise, including:

  • Comprehensive, holistic assessment of your fluid and sampling systems
  • Virtual and onsite collaborative problem solving
  • Specification of Swagelok products or custom solution requirements
  • Translation of P&IDs and into possible Swagelok solutions
  • Product-specific training tailored to your applications and processes
  • Advice on pressure regulator selection, sizing and applications
  • Gas distribution system evaluations and pressure control advice
  • Implementation of Swagelok's Mechanical Efficiency Program (API 682)
  • Evaluation, advice, and training from a certified Orbital Weld Operator
  • Guidance on industry best practices for sampling systems, analytical instrumentation, mechanical seal supports, and process instrumentation

During a Sample System Audit, Tom (and, if needed, a team of peers) examine your systems and identify steps to boost consistency, reliability, and efficiency. Plus, "in engagements to provide Swagelok Sampling System Evaluation and Advisory Services (SSEAS), we can assemble a system with people like Tony Waters and Don Yahn," Tom says. 

"SSEAS is a full system evaluation. We take a holistic look at the facility and report with recommendations and suggestions on how to improve plant efficiency and safety. We can do wake frequency calculations and time delay calculations, advise on line sizing, and help with sample system design."

Hundreds of Swagelok customers have already taken advantage of Swagelok Sampling System Evaluation and Advisory Services (SSEAS) and grab sampling systems. Swagelok grab sampling systems satisfy gas and liquid non-slurry sampling service in a consistent, reliable package. The overall approach is to combine expert analysis with rapid configuration of a standard panel design to exact specs. The result is a configurable, local, reliable solution.

About Sampling Audits Grab Sample Panels

We invite you to learn more. Use the buttons above to view relevant pages or call 24x7 Field Advisory Services On-Call Technical Support at 780-237-7109.

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