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Field Advisory Services - What Our Customers Can Expect

by Luke Wurban, on Mon, May 27, 2019 @ 08:05 AM

Our very own Andrew Beliveau explains the evolving business needs of our customers in the modern world

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Field Advisory Services are just one of our many value-added capabilities that Edmonton Valve & Fitting can offer, where we partner with you to build solutions that are tailored specifically to your needs.

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Changing how we do business

The many ways we are interacting with our customers is evolving quickly. Gone are the days of an account manager walking into an instrument shop or refinery and just talking about tube fittings, valves, or regulators to the I/E manager and then walking out. Many of these products are still the foundation of our business, however the interactions Swagelok associates are having with customers has transformed the business relationship entirely. Ongoing partnerships help us work through customer applications at a significantly more technical level, which has created a mutual trust between both parties.

This stems from the addition of many service capabilities to our business model, where we can work with customers from start to finish on specific problems and projects. Because of this, the level of technical expertise has become a necessity to working with our customers.

This is where the addition of Field Advisory Services has become an added value to the customer experience as an essential piece of completing Custom Solutions. On site walk-throughs of specific applications to get a real time pulse of the situation helps diagnose and solve these types of issues. It could be a detailed application such as Analytical Instrumentation to help with lag times and sample conditioning, regulator sizing, or just a holistic walk-through to pinpoint areas of improvement for safety and efficiency.  Our Field Service Technicians are able to come in and have a high level of two-way communication with our customers.

Personalizing our approach

Having an onsite presence and talking through issues helps the Field Service Technicians give feedback on designs and solutions. This type of communication has them interacting with: engineers, analytics, laboratory, mechanical, operations, instrumentation, and almost every level of personnel on site.  It has transformed the involvement we have day to day with our customers by involving nearly every stakeholder.

As an account manager, watching and being a part of these conversations allows us to see an unsurpassed level of service that the customer gets to experience. At Edmonton Valve & Fitting, we are able to:

  • Do a walk-through on site
  • Collaborate to create newly customized ideas and solutions
  • Turn that idea into a P&ID to get red lined by the customer
  • Turn that into a CAD drawing for customer approval
  • Fabricate the idea based off the CAD
  • Schedule meetings with customers to allow them to experience the different stages of our assembly process
  • Have the customer experience an FAT (Factory Acceptance Test)
  • Deliver the final product that we actually worked together to create

It’s satisfying and rewarding to work on projects from the grass roots and to see the final outcome to solve a customer’s issue. Whether the outcome is a complex panel, or simply a recommendation for trying something different on site that has nothing to do with our products is a major addition to the value that we try to add into our services we provide for our customers.

Let's work together. We can have one of our field services experts come directly to your site and collaborate on a tailored solution for your local needs.  Just give us a call at 780-437-0640, or send us a note through the "Message Us" link below to get started.

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