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Get Ready for the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary (June 11-13)

by Luke Wurban, on Tue, May 14, 2019 @ 10:05 AM

Look for us in our new location, booth #1504, to learn more about some of our services


We are excited to be heading to Calgary for the 2019 Global Petroleum Show from June 11th - 13th. We are teaming up with our friends from Calgary to help shine the spotlight on some of our value added services available to our customers to help save time, money, and keep business running smoothly. We are in a new location this year (booth #1504) - hope to see you there!

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Spotlight on services

This year we are featuring some of our valuable services.

Leak Detection: You may be surprised at just how much leaks are costing you. We can show you how to prevent them. Our tools include Snoop leak-detection solution, thermal imaging cameras that "see" hydrocarbons escaping, and ultrasonic guns that can "hear" the hiss of a gas leak outside the range of normal human hearing.

Grab Sample Program: Grab sampling provides a safe and reliable way to collect a gas or liquid sample from pipelines, tanks, or systems, and transport it to the lab for analysis. With this program we can ensure your sample is timely, representative, and repeatable of your process. We can build the modules right here in Edmonton based on your specific requirements.

Hose Advisory: Our Field Services Specialists can identify ways to enhance your hose selection, installation, inspection and maintenance procedures to improve hose life and performance. They’ll help you develop preventive maintenance schedules and identify components to keep in inventory, including standardized end connections and couplings that will help improve your productivity. 

Asset Integrity: Swagelok's new Onsite Inspection Services Tablet has proved to be a great tool for evaluating fluid systems at a customer's work site. Its protective case eliminates the worry of causing an electric spark in the presence of leaking flammable gases, vapours or liquids at the site. Now we can toss away our clipboards and enter notes directly into the tablet. We also can take photos of the way tubing and hoses are routed, leaking, or other problems that we spot and upload them right into our report. Swagelok's software can format the data into any one of several standard reports, such as statistics for leak rates.

Seal Support Program: Edmonton Valve and Fitting’s seal support systems are primarily used in mechanical seal applications, configurable for single, dual and gas delivery. These systems can offer a reliable and high performance solution to your mechanical seal operations. They are fully assembled locally to meet the needs of our customers.

By the numbers 

More than 51,000 attendees are expected at this year's Global Petroleum Show. They can listen to more than 100 speakers and attend 64 technical sessions.  

Over 600 conference delegates from around the world will engage in dynamic discussions regarding peak oil prices, oil shortage uncertainty, surging shale oil production, pipeline expansion and the need for greater market access. Seminars will explore the demand for transformative business models and technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and deep machine learning facilitated by some of the industry’s most accomplished thinkers and innovators.

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