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Get Ready for Winter with Pre-insulated Traced Tubing Bundles

by Luke Wurban, on Wed, Nov 13, 2019 @ 15:11 PM

Choose electric or steam traced, and check out our many accessories

Steam and Electrical Tubing

The long-range forecast for Alberta calls for a warmer winter than normal this year — by a whole 6 degrees. Sorry, but you'll still have to deal with lots of freezing weather. Get ready for it now with Swagelok pre-insulated traced tubing bundles.

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Pre-insulated Tubing Bundles

They provide an economical choice compared to field tracing and insulating. Process and tracer lines are parallel inside the bundle, which allows all tubes to bend together in as little as a 20.3 cm radius in tubing sizes up to 12 mm, so the bundle is easier to route and connect in the field than cabled bundles.

They provide reliable process temperature maintenance in a variety of analytical and process instrumentation applications, including impulse lines, sample lines, and process lines. 

Choose from electric-traced, light steam-traced and heavy steam-traced bundles for freeze protection, viscosity control, and process temperature maintenance. The rugged PVC jacket offers excellent resistance to abrasion and many chemicals, and you can get it with either steam or electric tracing.

They can be installed in ambient temperatures of –23°C with a PVC jacket, and down to –40°C with a urethane jacket. They come in a variety of materials (stainless steel, copper and PFA), access our full list of tubing catalogs on our website here.

Electric Tracing

A simple and economical choice, Swagelok electric-traced bundled tubing maintains consistent temperatures in long, continuous lengths of impulse and sample lines for freeze protection, temperature maintenance, or viscosity control. The standard Raychem self-regulating tracer lowers heat output as the bundle gets warmer. For more precise temperature control, an optional line-sensing thermostat is available.

Light Steam Tracing

Swagelok light steam-traced bundled tubing is typically used for freeze protection of instrument impulse lines and analyzer transport lines. It can also maintain temperatures in smaller-diameter process lines. The process and tracer tubes are individually insulated to reduce the heat transfer rate, providing a more consistent tube temperature over long tubing lengths.

Heavy Steam Tracing

Swagelok heavy steam-traced bundled tubing is typically used to maintain higher process temperature or for viscosity control. Applications can include impulse, sampling, and process lines. The process tubing is in direct contact with the tracer, providing maximum heat transfer to help maintain higher process temperatures.

Options and Accessories

  • Bending Tools: Similar to a common electrical conduit bender, this tool is compact and easy to use. 
  • Heat-Shrink End-Seal Boots: Made of thermally stabilized, modified polyolefin, they provide a weatherproof end seal. Recommended for all exposed ends to protect against moisture ingress.
  • Jacket Patch Kit: Use it to seal a splice in tubing or to repair any incidental field damage to the insulation and jacket. Each kit contains thermal insulation, fiberglass tape, and a self-sealing patch.
  • Center Line Tool: This tool brings the process tubes to the proper center-line to connect a standard transmitter.
  • Heat-Shrink Entry-Seal Boots: Made of thermally stabilized, modified polyolefin, these heat-shrinkable entry-seal boots provide a waterproof seal where the tubing enters an enclosure.
  • Silicone Sealant: This silicone RTV sealant can be used to seal ends of bundled tubing from moisture and offers excellent resistance to weather, oil, and many chemicals. One tube will seal approximately 10 ends. Each kit contains 8 tubes.
  • Power Connection Kits: Provide a junction for connecting an electric tracer to the power source.
  • Tracer Termination Kits: Use these to seal off the tracer end opposite the power connection.
  • Tracer Splice/Tee Connection Kit: Provides an enclosure to join two or three electric tracers together.
  • Thermostats: A stainless steel sensor monitors the temperature of the process tubes or the ambient temperature. The set point can be adjusted to control the power to an electric tracer to achieve the desired temperature.

Keep your fluid systems safe and consistent with our pre-insulated tubing bundles. Stay protected from the elements, call Edmonton Valve & Fitting at 780-437-0640, send us a note below. Our full guide of tubing, including our pre-insulated bundles can be accessed through our website here.

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