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Goodbye 2019, and Thanks for All The Great Blog Topics

by Luke Wurban, on Fri, Jan 17, 2020 @ 11:01 AM

If you missed any of these posts, now is a great time to catch up

Top Blogs 2019

We enjoy the opportunities that our blog gives us to tell you about new developments, remind you about important basics, and to pull back the curtain a little and show you some inner workings of Edmonton Valve & Fitting.

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New technology

For several years we've been using a FLIR thermal camera to spot gas leaks that are invisible to the naked eye. During 2019 we upgraded our technology by adding a customized tablet computer. By analyzing the camera image, the tablet can give us hard numbers to report on leak size and the rate of loss.

We've also started using a tablet computer to speed up our reporting from onsite surveys. For years we were limited to old-fashioned clipboards and pens for taking notes, because ordinary electronic devices offer too much risk of causing a spark. The protective case on our new Onsite Inspection Services Tablet removes that worry. Now we can take notes on the computer during the walk-through, and hand over a full report in days rather than weeks.

Our parts are improving too. Swagelok's RHPS Series of regulators has proved to be a popular high-flow regulator ever since its debut at the Global Petroleum Show in 2012. This year Swagelok added a very low-temperature option that can be rated as low as -45°C (-49°F). That's great news for Alberta winters.

Back to school

Do you know much about elastomers? That's a class of elastic materials that includes PTFE, Neoprene, Buna N and a few other substances commonly used in fluid systems. Account manager Adam Telenko wrote an Elastomers 101 primer back in June.

When you want to block off parts of a fluid system, should you use a cap or a plug? Our Sept. 6 post tells you which is better for which circumstances.

Flow capacity — the amount of fluid that can flow through a hose or tube — isn't just a matter of how large the diameter is.  In November we described other factors that affect what happens inside a hose or tube.

If you know four factors about your fluid system job, you'll know which kind of tubing is right for your application. Our Aug. 1 post walks you through the process.

At your service

Every plant develops some problem areas eventually. Our Mechanical Efficiency Program helps you stay on top of three areas: Rotating equipment (such as seal support systems for pumps and compressors), energy management, and conversion from traditional piping to small-bore tubing of 2 inches and smaller. We explained it all in a March 5 post.

Our Field Engineering services take a broader approach. These are on-site walk-throughs of specific applications to diagnose and solve issues. It could be a detailed application such as Analytical Instrumentation to help with lag times and sample conditioning, regulator sizing, or just a holistic walk-through to pinpoint areas of improvement for safety and efficiency. 

The original drawings for your analytical system may be years out of date, failing to reflect upgrades and changes in configuration. Edmonton Valve & Fitting can bring your documentation up to date, providing both electronic and printed version.

If you spend too much time checking inventory and ordering parts, as about our Vendor Managed Inventory service. We drive to the customer's site, count the stock, make a

A bit about us

At Edmonton Valve & Fitting, we're picky about our people, and it pays off. Read about how we put a priority on getting the right people into the right jobs, and getting them properly settled and trained to perform at their best.

We're also here when you need us. Our combination of deep inventory and quick response makes our on-call service a real lifesaver. You don't have to wait for regular business hours when you have an emergency and need a part.

That's only the half of it for 2019. Whenever you want a little extra insight into a topic, try browsing our blog. We have quite a few years worth of information waiting for you there.

Stay in the loop

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