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Has Your Documentation Kept Pace with Changes to Your Analytical Systems?

by Luke Wurban, on Thu, May 09, 2019 @ 15:05 PM

Our as-built drawings will bring you up to date

As Built Drawings

As analytical systems change and components get upgraded or replaced, troubleshooting or duplicating your configuration could be troublesome if drawings are years out of date. Our experts can bring you back to speed by creating as-built drawings to ensure a valuable record of your systems are maintained moving forward. 

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Somewhere your company probably has drawings of your analytical system, or at least the way it looked when it was first assembled. But equipment and components change over time. When a part breaks or wears out, it's not unusual to upgrade the replacement. Someone might have figured out a better configuration. New technologies may have entered the market and been incorporated in your system.

The people making the upgrades and changes are primarily concerned with getting the equipment back on-line, and may never have even thought about documenting the changes they made. And those people may not even be with your company anymore.

The original drawings could be years out of date.

Now say you want to troubleshoot or duplicate the system you are currently running. What exactly do you have? Which components are actually in the system today, in which sizes and which locations?

Have Edmonton Valve do it

Edmonton Valve & Fitting can bring you up to date by creating as-built drawings in a cost-effective manner. We'll come to your site, pull off the front panels, or walk the system and see what's really inside. Two of the benefits of us coming to you is that: 1) you don't have to take your system off-line, and 2) you don't have to take your own staff away from their primary jobs.

As-Built Drawings are a vital piece of information for those who use the finished product, as they provide an accurate record of what currently exists. They are essential to have on hand as employees take on new assignments or leave for new jobs. As-built drawings also give you a good starting point so you can document future alterations.

Another advantage of using Edmonton Valve & Fitting's Custom Solutions department is that we can suggest other improvements to your system once we have documented its current state.  

Simple, fast, essential

All it takes is a few days of documentation, then a few days to prepare the drawings. We'll give you both electronic and printed versions.

Keeping documents up to date is a best practice to ensure processing and engineering excellence while providing cost savings in maintenance and troubleshooting effectiveness in the future.  All it takes to get started is a phone call to 780-437-0640, or simply message us below.

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