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Use Our Mechanical Efficiency Program to Keep Your Plant in Top Shape

by Katie Reid, on Tue, Mar 05, 2019 @ 11:03 AM

We'll cover rotating equipment, energy surveys, and small-bore tubing

Rotating equipment_MEP

Let us help you improve the way you connect in your plant's operations with Edmonton Valve's offering of custom configurations of Swagelok's Seal Flush components. Request a copy of our Mechanical Seal Support Systems PDF to learn about the various plans and design principles.

Mechanical Seal Support PDF

Eventually every plant develops some problem areas. Maybe it's a "bad actor" pump the keep having problems, or leaky pipes. That's the time to call Edmonton Valve and tap into our Mechanical Efficiency Program (MEP).

Our MEP program covers three basic areas: The first is rotating equipment, such as seal support systems for pumps and compressors. The second is energy management. The third is conversion from traditional piping to small-bore tubing of 2 inches and smaller. Think of it as a unified set of services for the non-instrumentation side of your operation.

Hat trick

A plant may need only one of the three services at a given time. That's fine with us. But as we check out one area, our discoveries can lead to another.

Let's say a plant needs us to check out its seal support systems on rotating equipment. We have a number of pre-engineered seal support plans that we can fabricate. We also have specialized fittings that make working on those systems easier, reducing the number of connection and leak points and making the connections more reliable. They usually save some space too.

While we're checking out the rotating equipment, we may find areas where the piping is leaking on the fuel lines. And that, in turn, could turn into a discussion of replacing hard pipe with small-bore tubing. For several years now, the API 682 4th Edition  standards for rotating seals have suggested using tubing over traditional piping systems. Pipe threads are notorious for leaking, and a lot of plants are trying to replace them to improve reliability on the seal support systems.

Local fabrication

Edmonton Valve also offers the advantage of local fabrication. We can build panels for rotating equipment right here, which means it's easy to produce custom work.

All it takes to get started is to call Edmonton Valve & Fitting at 780-437-0640, or drop us a note using the Message Us on our website.

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