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More Alphabet Soup: Swagelok Products & Industry Acronyms (P & R)

by Katie Dennis, on Fri, Nov 06, 2015 @ 16:11 PM

When you see these abbreviations, now you'll know what the letters mean


When it comes to Swagelok and industry acronyms, we have you covered! From PrESS products to regulators, find out what they mean in our acronym series blogs. Have one that has you stumped? Ask Us here.

This is our third post detailing some of the acronyms you'll run into when you read our blog. Our first installment covered letters A through E. The second installment took us from F through N. This time around, we have room for only two letters: P and R. There's a lot to cover in that tiny slice of the alphabet.

PASS - A process analyzer sampling system is a device that automatically measures some aspect of the fluid in a system. A PASS typically consists of a sample tap, a sample system, an analyzer, a sample return, and a signal transmission and control system. Swagelok wrote the book on industrial sampling systems. From time to time we offer PASS training too.

PFA - Perfluoroalkoxy is a translucent, slightly flexible polymer developed by DuPont Co. It is most commonly used for lab equipment as it has an extreme resistance to chemicals. PFA flexible tubing is good for highly corrosive process applications. Swagelok offers a variety of fittings and tubing in PFA as well as ultrahigh purity PFA fittings. You can use Teflon or metal fittings with Swagelok PFA tubing. Swagelok also uses PFA for packing and seals in some of its ball valves. 

PrESS – Pre-Engineered Subsystems are a series of Swagelok components predesigned and pre-assembled for use anywhere that fluids are processed. They range from simple weldments to complex manifolds. The list includes fluid distribution headers, sample probe modules, calibration and switching modules, and others. We’re continuing to add to the list. This array of subsystems can be designed to customer specs, and are ready to plug and play.

PRV - A proportional relief valve is designed to open gradually as pressure increases. It opens when the system reaches a set pressure, and closes when the system falls below that same set pressure. They are available for liquid or gas service, but they should never be used as safety relief devices as specified by the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.

PTFE - Polytetrafluoroethylene is a synthetic compound discovered by DuPont Co., and marketed by them under the Teflon brand name. One common application in fluid systems is TFE tape, used to seal pipe threads. Swagelok also makes PTFE hose. The X, S, and W series of PTFE hose are extremely flexible while maintaining strength. The secret is in a unique process that bonds a nonmetallic fiber braid to the outside of the hose's extruded smooth-bore PTFE core.

RHPS – No, it does not stand for "Rocky Horror Picture Show," at least not at Edmonton Valve & Fitting. This RHPS is a line of pressure regulators. The initials come from the Dutch company that developed for applications in the chemical/petrochemical, oil and gas, power, biopharmaceutical, semiconductor, and alternative fuels industries. The series includes pressure-reducing regulators, back-pressure regulators and specialty regulators for applications such as tank blanketing.

Stay tuned as we finish off the rest of the alphabet with our next post featuring acronyms from S to V!

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