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NEW: Monthly Swagelok Training You Can Join from Your Computer

We recently kicked off our series of virtual training classes. Grab one of the six seats available per session (or use the private option described below).*

Seminar details & registration

In the last 50 years, thousands of Edmonton, Drayton Valley, and Fort McMurray-area plant operators, maintenance specialists, engineers, buyers, installers, and other professionals have trained at Edmonton Valve’s offices or in our classes at their facilities.

I'm pleased to say that now you can get the same kind of high quality training without having to assemble in person.

Thursday November 5th I’ll lead Edmonton Valve’s first-ever Safety, Installation, and Bending Virtual Seminar. We’ll offer the seminar once a month after that, on December 3rd, January 7th, February 4th, and so on.*

Seminar details & registration

Whichever date you complete the course, you’ll earn a Swagelok Certificate of Completion for the Safety, Installation, and Bending Virtual Seminar. (Please note that this course does NOT replace the full-day certification "Swagelok Essentials Course.")

Like our popular in-person seminars, these sessions are about half presentation and half hands-on practice. Below in this article is more about how it all works.

Course content

Overall, topics covered during the seminar include:

  • Proper installation & use of inspection gauge
  • Retightening instructions
  • Intermixing materials and parts
  • Assembly of a ‘burst sample’ using the learned skills
  • Tube bender set-up
  • Making basic bends
  • Bending offsets

How it works

First, nab a seat. We have six seats available per session.*

Seminar details & registration

Next, you'll get a box of equipment, tools, and supplies from Edmonton Valve. These are delivered to your main office for distribution.

At 9am Mountain Time the day of the session, I’ll welcome you to the live seminar via Microsoft Teams or Google Meet, and teach about must-know procedures and techniques.

Then I’ll guide you through practicing the procedures and techniques we discussed, and answer any questions that crop up.

After the session, your burst samples are shipped back to our office for testing, along with equipment and tools loaned for the seminar. Successful attendees get a signed Swagelok Certificate of Completion for the Safety, Installation, and Bending Virtual Seminar.

Details and registration:

*Private seminar option

Alternatively, you can host a private virtual class for your organization. To discuss this option, please use our course registration form but check off the box for “Interested in private session”. I’ll follow up with you to provide more info and answer any questions.

How can we help?

For 50 years Edmonton Valve has provided Swagelok products and expert support to companies in northern and central Alberta. Our local field service technicians, technical support experts, and customer service associates can help you simplify and save. Members of our team have decades of experience in oil & gas (upstream) applications, petrochemical (refining and upgrading) applications, research and development applications, and power (coal, gas, and combined cycle) applications. Between Edmonton, Fort McMurray, and Drayton Valley we have over $8M in local inventory. Give us a call at 780-437-0640.

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