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New Technical Briefing: Hose Selection & Troubleshooting

by Katie Reid, on Wed, Aug 26, 2020 @ 14:08 PM

In a new technical briefing you'll learn why the common practice of simply reordering a failed hose is so risky... and what to do instead

hose troubleshooting webinar

Access this recorded technical briefing along with PDF resources attendees were offered after the session, here:

Technical Briefings

In June, Edmonton Valve hosted a technical briefing, “Hose Selection and Troubleshooting,” packed with practical advice grounded in decades of experience helping engineers, operators, technicians, and buyers select hose for their fluid systems. We’ve posted the technical briefing online, along with resources attendees downloaded after the session. All the resources are free.

The briefing was led by Swagelok's Doug Nordstrom, Senior Project Manager for Hose at Swagelok Company. Nordstrom is responsible for the strategic direction and growth of the global Swagelok Hose Services Group. He’s been with Swagelok Company since 1995, holding a wide array of titles, including Product Manager for Hose, Valves, and Regulators; Project Manager for New Product Development; Marketing Manager for Chemical and Refining Products; and Manufacturing Engineer.

In previous posts about hose selection, we have emphasized the importance of choosing the correct end connections. In our June briefing, Nordstrom focused on the hose itself. He first reviews how a hose's four main components—core tube, reinforcement (braid), cover, and end connections—impact performance.

In industrial markets you’ll be choosing between metal core, fluoropolymer (or Teflon), thermoplastic or nylon, and rubber core. Each has clear strengths and weaknesses, and applying the wrong hose to an application can drastically affect hose life and safety.

The majority of the briefing is devoted to the importance of considering routing and hose motion, risk of static dissipation, variations in permeation, and metal hose fatigue. Each is a topic we may touch on in future posts here.

Often teams will replace hoses that fail with new versions of the same hose. That’s a riskier assumption than you might think. All too often, individuals who purchase hose for their facility don’t take crucial criteria into account. In addition, it’s rarely the case that every member of the purchasing team is thoroughly familiar with all the components of a hose.

Real-world examples illustrate the risks associated with incorrectly applying hose and the rewards that come from getting it right.

In one case, a tire company was experiencing failing hoses on steam lines to a tire press. The previous hose was a rubber hose that did not perform well at higher temperatures. In addition, the hose was not sized correctly, which caused kinking when the press moved up and down over 6 feet. The hoses would fail in under a month, leaking high temperature steam into the operation area.

The best hose for this application was determined to be a fluoropolymer core hose due to the compatibility with steam and ability to last in a high cycle application. Although there was some reluctance to make the switch due to the increased hose cost, the overall life of the hose increased over 20 times.

View the full technical briefing and supporting resources here:

Technical Briefings

Maximizing your return on hose

Hose Advisory may save you a bundle

Picking the wrong hose for a job could hurt your bottom line without you even being aware of it. We have a dedicated staff of customer support specialists and account managers ready to help you choose the right hose. We also offer a program called Hose Advisory, through which certified engineers conduct onsite inspection and advise on how to extend hose life and reduce maintenance.

Fast hose assembly by certified technicians

We can also put hose and end connections together for you right here in Edmonton. We have a team of full-time technicians along with support staff managing the front end of the operation who focus on building hose in a facility dedicated for just that job. Within our assembly process we maintain tight tolerances and certified testing. We can do hydrostatic tests, helium leak tests, and pressure decay testing.



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