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New Technical Briefing: Tube Fitting Inspection Best Practices

by Katie Reid, on Wed, Jan 13, 2021 @ 11:01 AM

Do thorough inspections for worry-free connections. 

Tech Briefing_FittingInspection_mockup_SMRecently customers attended a briefing led by James Dickie, Edmonton Valve's Training and Services Manager, focused on ensuring worry-free tube fitting connections. Watch the replay to learn how to identify a correctly assembled tube fitting, how to identify a well-designed tubing system, and the keys to an effective inspection program:

Technical Briefings

Thorough inspections at regular intervals are essential to safety. Plus, catching any issues early helps keep the plant running efficiently—reducing waste and heading off costly unplanned downtime.

"Swagelok fittings will compensate for all the variables your application can throw at them, as long they are installed correctly," explains James.

There's a review of how to properly install a Swagelok tube fitting, and how to inspect a tube fitting without disassembling it. You'll see photos of poorly designed tubing systems, noting safety risks, and wear and tear.

James shows the key things to look for on the lay line and tubing; how to check tube ends to make sure they were cut squarely and properly deburred; how to do front and rear ferrule inspection; and how to inspect the body of the tube fitting.

He also shows six examples of what you may come across when inspecting a tube system assembly—from back ferrules inserted backwards, to use of the wrong materials, and more.

Technical Briefings

Expert evaluation and advice

Instead of going it alone, tap Swagelok for expert evaluation and advice on your fluid systems. Here are some specific ways we can help:

  • Training: Register for an upcoming Swagelok Safety, Installation, Bending Virtual Seminar (2 hours) or plan a private group session. More →
  • Compressed Gas Leak Detection: With our new QL320 tablet and FLIR camera, we gather data you need to tighten up.
  • Sample System Audit: Receive detailed expert guidance on how to improve sampling reliability, from process tap to analyzer.
  • Hose Advisory: Extend hose life and reduce maintenance. Get detailed advice from our field service technicians on how to get the best results.
  • Design Advice: We can evaluate P&ID’s, CAD models, or sketches made by hand in order to recommend products or advance your design work.
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