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No Boring Days in Edmonton Valve's Custom Solutions Department

by Katie Dennis, on Fri, Apr 10, 2015 @ 10:04 AM

For our 7-person team, 'The most routine thing we do is show up in the morning'


Ed Mendoza, above, is shown using the hand-held Vector Tube Data Centre, which assists in checking our tube bend measurements for accuracy. Find out more about Edmonton Valve's Custom Solutions capabilites by downloading the PDF below.

Custom Solutions

The whole point of our Custom Solutions service is to create parts specific to our customers' needs. That means no two days are identical for our seven-person crew, even if they are building multiple copies of a device.

"We do lots of back-to-back jobs for regular customers, but the majority of time we have a lot of different projects that we are doing," says Kyle Lee, one of our custom solutions technicians. "I love the fact that we have something new to do every week. The most routine thing is showing up here in the morning," he says.

Whether it's panels, actuators, controls or some other device, the job involves a lot more than assembling parts.

"We're not just building quantity. We need high quality so the customer will order again from us," says Ed Mendoza, another one of our technicians. And since ‘Quality’ is one of Swagelok’s core values, it really resonated with the team and the products they assemble. 

"Ed and I pride ourselves on putting out good product," Lee says. "It's obviously about what the customer wants, but after we ask how they want it, we try to go above it. We want to be happy with it too. If I were ordering this product, how would I want it to look?"

Both men have been with Edmonton Valve and Fitting for about five years. They and their coworkers, under the supervision of manager Stacey Phillips, stay plenty busy.

Years of expertise

The Custom Solutions team does a lot more than assemble parts. Their expertise is in creating assemblies that get the most done in the space available. Sometimes all the customer needs is someone to install adapters on a valve or bend a single piece of tubing. But our team also takes on projects as involved as putting together entire sampling systems with complex configurations of custom bent tubing.

Along with our human expertise, we have a full array of tools to do the job right. The tools include a computerized CNC tube bender that can handle the most complex compound bends, and store the specifications in its memory. That's a key advantage for customers that need more of the same assemblies in the future. They get exact copies without having to reverse-engineer the specs from an existing unit.

Our custom solutions services also include pre-engineered subsystems. These units use Swagelok components predesigned and pre-assembled for use anywhere that fluids are processed. They range from simple welds to complex manifolds. The list includes fluid distribution headers, sample probe modules, calibration and switching modules, and more.

Custom solutions are true collaborations with the customers. They tell us what they need, and we present the best options for their particular circumstances.

It's a nice mix of creativity and disciplined experience. The team looks forward to taking on something new each day. What would you like them to do for you? Find out more about the capabilities of our Customs Solution's department by downloading the PDF here.

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