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Our Steam Lance Gets Rid of Ice Quickly and Safely

by Luke Wurban, on Thu, Feb 06, 2020 @ 14:02 PM

The DIY approach is never optimal, and often dangerous

Steam Lance Photo

When steam meets ice, steam wins. So when you need to remove built-up ice from process piping or other equipment, the Swagelok Steam Lance is an ideal tool.

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Simple, but effective

We'll be the first to admit that the basic idea isn't hard to think of: A long piece of tubing with a handle and valve at one end. It's such a simple concept that some companies figure they can assemble their own version. And that's where the trouble starts.

It's easy to create more problems than you solve if you don't build it properly. We've seen do-it-yourself versions made with whatever parts happened to be lying around the shop. We've also seen the burned forearms and wrists that result.

We do it right

A steam lance from Edmonton Valve & Fitting reduces the chances of injury while also giving you superior performance. Our design uses insulated tubing, heat-shrink boots to seal the insulation, and a rugged ball valve rated specifically for steam. We offer the option of a handle near the valve, so that you don't have to hold the valve itself while using the lance. That can be especially desirable when you're wearing thick hand protection in cold weather.

We can even custom-design a steam lance for your particular needs using hoses, carts, hose reels, different valves or materials which can allow you to extend its reach or protect components. We've made steam lances as long as 22 feet, and the jacketed tubing is available in even longer runs than that.

With the proper design and construction, you are all set to clear out plugged piping, remove ice from the exterior of structures, and get frozen drain valves flowing again without shutting down equipment. You also can use it on tubing runs, steam-assisted gravity drainage, containment vessels and ice-coated instruments. You can even use it to eliminate solidification of asphalt, heavy oils and plastics. It's handy for clearing a sidewalk too.

We make it easy

The Swagelok steam lance will last in the field and protect you from contact burns. It has a single part number and arrives at your site fully tested and ready to use. You won't have to deal with field assembly or meeting safety standards. Take our free information sheet about the Steam Lance to learn more.

Edmonton Valve & Fitting is an expert on steam, and we know all about dealing with cold weather. Put that combination to work for you by calling 780-437-0640 to ask about steam lances, or send us a note through our website. Also ensure you're up to date with all Edmonton Valve & Fitting news and product launches by following us on LinkedIn.

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