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Reducing Human Error in Industrial Fluid Systems: 2023 Swagelok Training Options

The number one problem associated with the installation of small bore tubing systems is human error, Swagelok explains in a video (below) published in December 2022. But the right kind of training shrinks that problem.

“If we can eliminate human error then that takes care of almost 90 percent of our returns and products problems that we see at our customer sites,” says Edmonton Valve Training & Services Coordinator James Dickie, who is featured in the video and has trained thousands of plant operators, maintenance technicians, engineers, and buyers, as well as other Swagelok trainers.


STS training brochure 2023Edmonton Valve offers Swagelok Essentials Training Courses, which build critical skills for professionals who develop, install, inspect, maintain, operate, and/or handling purchasing for industrial fluid systems.

2023 Schedule & Training PDF

Taught by Swagelok-certified trainers at locations and times convenient to you, these courses provide the foundational knowledge and techniques needed to build and operate high-performing fluid systems.

“We offer different levels of training within our Essentials Programs," Dickie explains. "We have some that are based on the installer level where they're the ones that are on the tools and they're putting together the fittings or the valves or the hoses.

"We then offer another higher level Essentials class designed more for the managers, engineers, or maybe even quality control that have to go through and make sure that the system is done correctly and catch any little mistakes that maybe the installer missed."

Available courses and topics include: Tube Fitting Installation Essentials, Tube Fitting Installation Inspection Essentials, Medium- and High-Pressure Cone and Thread Essentials, Valve Essentials, Hose Essentials, Tube Bending Essentials, Regulator Essentials, VCR & VCO Fitting Essentials, FK Fitting Essentials, and Oil and Gas Essentials.

This article is first in a 2023 series focused on training that companies and individuals can undertake to reduce errors, enhance safety, and improve operational efficiency. Each article in the series will touch on a specific course we offer. Please subscribe by email (look for the box with "Subscribe by email" at our blog) or follow us on social media (links in header/footer of our website pages) to keep up with new content.

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