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Swagelok Grab Sample Stations: An Assembled Unit Ready to Go

by Katie Reid, on Thu, Mar 10, 2016 @ 14:03 PM

Edmonton Valve's Custom Solutions department can make one to your specifications


Grab Sample Stations for laboratory analysis comes in different design types, including Gas Sampling, Volatile Liquid Sampling, and Liquid Vial Sampling. Download the Grab Sample Module PDF to see the configurations.

Collecting and analyzing samples is a big part of operating a fluid system. You need a sample that represents what is actually flowing through the pipeline so that your analysis will show the most accurate data possible. You want to make sure you have no contamination or mixing of old and new streams. You want it at the right temperature for analysis. And you want to test it quickly, typically within a minute.

With a Grab Sample Station from Edmonton Valve & Fitting, the job gets a lot easier.

Grab sample options

We offer designs for sampling gases, volatile liquids and liquid vials. At the inlet of our grab sample panel we have 2 geared 3-way valves that let you direct flow into the sample cylinder to, or through a customizable flow meter and gauge to make sure the process conditions are just right before collecting a sample in the cylinder. We use quick connect couplings, allowing you to safely and repeatedly get samples from the right locations. A hose provides a flexible connection into the sample cylinder.  All the parts are mounted on a panel, with support for the sample cylinder.

If you want a purge option, we can add it. We have a couple of pressure relief options too, either a rupture disc or a spring-loaded relief valve to prevent complete depletion of the sample cylinder.

Just tell us what you want the panel to do. You won't have to figure out which parts you need, or pull your own employees away from their regular jobs in order to put everything together. If that sounds attractive, click here to start a conversation with our Custom Solutions department.

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