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Swagelok Hose Solves a Bad Vibration Problem at Edson Gas Plant

by Katie Dennis, on Sun, Jul 19, 2015 @ 08:07 AM

Drayton Valve & Fitting helped Talisman Energy protect sensitive equipment without the wait


With the prompt help from Diane Rode at the Drayton Valve branch, we were able to help the customer find a permanent solution to their problem, "She always points us in the right direction for all of our needs" says Derek Seible at Talisman Energy.

Vibration can ruin sensitive instruments. Talisman Energy was wrestling with exactly that problem at its Edson Gas Plant. A very expensive Coriolis flow meter was installed in a high-vibration area, and became damaged to the point that it had to be replaced. Instrument Specialist Derek Seibel didn't want to repeat the same problem, yet he couldn't afford much down time. This meter is used for some very critical measurement of flows in the plant.

So he thought about how he had dealt with vibration in other parts of the plant, and he turned to Drayton Valve & Fitting for the solution he needed. Seibel had previously used flex tubing to dampen vibration at other applications in the plant. But this time around, tubing wasn't robust enough to handle the vibration at this key measurement point. If not tubing, then what about Swagelok hose? The hose would allow the meter to be mounted on a separate stand off the vibrating plant floor.

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Seibel knew Drayton Valve would find a solution fast. The challenge for our Drayton office was that to do the job right, Seibel needed 1" diameter hose. That's not a commonly used size, so there is not usually a need to stock it in a wide variety of lengths. Customer service rep Diane Rode quickly accessed our business system to find out what lengths were in stock. Working with Seibel, they were able to find a workable length right off the shelf, and fix the vibration problem.

Now Talisman has a permanent solution to a costly problem.

“Diane is a great help!” Siebel says. "She always points me in the right direction for all of our needs."

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