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Swagelok Listens, Our Customers Reap the Benefits

by Katie Dennis, on Fri, Oct 30, 2015 @ 15:10 PM

Company president Art Anton talks about ways we can ease your burdens


"Listening is probably the most important sense we can have as a business organization," says Art Anton, president & CEO of Swagelok Company, in a new video. It's part of a series produced by the company that makes all the Swagelok products sold by Edmonton Valve & Fitting.

Swagelok has surveyed us, our counterparts across North America, and our key customers to create what Anton calls "a nice roadmap for improvement." One of the things Swagelok learned is that customers want us to be more than just a product provider.

"We're really trying to take the burden off our customers, put it on ourselves, and continue to increase the value quotient," Anton says.

That's why Swagelok and Edmonton Valve & Fitting have introduced several new services in recent years. Anton covers a lot of subjects in a little more than a minute, so he doesn't have time to go into any details. But we have time on our blog, so here are extra details on some of the things he talks about:

Swagelok energy surveys

Swagelok Energy Advisors can check out your steam system to see how it might perform better. We have our own local expert in Tristian McCallion, and can tap into a network of other SEA engineers across Canada and the United States. Swagelok Energy Advisors won’t just tell you that you need a valve in a particular spot, they’ll explain why. In addition, the field engineers’ recommendations won’t try to squeeze a Swagelok component into a steam configuration if it’s not the best part for the job. In fact, Swagelok Energy Advisors like it best when they can be in on the ground floor, helping customers design systems properly right from the start.

Custom Solutions

Our Custom Solutions department does a lot more than assemble parts. Their expertise is in creating assemblies that get the most done in the space available. Sometimes all the customer needs is someone to install adapters on a valve or bend a single piece of tubing. But our team also takes on projects as involved as putting together entire sampling systems with complex configurations of custom bent tubing. Along with our human expertise, we have a full array of tools to do the job right.

Vendor managed inventory and procurement

Wouldn't it be great if your inventory could manage itself? We provide the next best thing, making sure you don't run out of the parts you need. We have several solutions, including vendor managed inventory, our mobile warehouse, and our RoboCrib vending machine.

Watch Anton talk about these kinds of services and more by clicking here.

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