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Swagelok Seal Flush Plan Components Simplify Maintenance

by Katie Reid, on Thu, Jul 23, 2020 @ 13:07 PM

Specially designed components mean fewer leak points to worry about

Rotating equipment_MEP-1In a relatively short run, Swagelok can eliminate multiple leak points with tubing and special components.

Mechanical Seal Support PDF

The logic is simple: With fewer potential leak points to worry about, your rotating equipment will run more efficiently, with less downtime for inspection and maintenance. But how much of a difference does that really make in the field? Let's walk through an example.

As illustrated above, we'll look at a basic seal flush plan, using Swagelok's 2-inch and under components to replace traditional threaded and welded pipe connections with bent tubing, tube fittings, and other quality parts (API 682, 4th edition supports the use of tubing for mechanical seal support systems). 

As easy as 1-2-3...and 4

Starting on the left-hand side (1), we can use a one-piece flange adapter with an integral orifice to replace an entire threaded or welded flange assembly. 

To monitor temperature (2), the traditional assembly would use threaded connections to mount a gauge. Instead, use a Swagelok Thermowell T, an integrated thermowell pre-welded into a tube fitting tee for ease of installation.

Going into the pump shroud and coming back out the other side (3), we can eliminate more threaded pipe and the inherent potential leak points by using extended male connectors. This is a single fitting available in 4- and 6- inch lengths, allowing you to clear the shroud and go straight from the gland to your tubing run in one piece.

It's easy to add an orifice to a flush system with an orifice union (4). This fitting makes welding bulky flange assemblies unnecessary. In our example we've tagged it for visual identification.

All of these Swagelok components come in a variety of outside diameters, and all are backed by the Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty. Custom configurations and critical spares are available through Edmonton Valve and Fitting. Interested in hearing more? Message us below to get in touch with our product specialist. 

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