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Swagelok Tech Clips: Best Practices Videos Online

Thu, Oct 08, 2015 @ 09:10 AM / by Katie Reid

It takes only a minute or two to get bite-size training on fluid systems



If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth? Judge for yourself by looking at our new tool for improving the performance of your fluid systems: a video series we call Tech Clips. Each short presentation is a way to get bite-size training that you can put to use right away.

For instance, can you name all the components a Swagelok tube fitting? Watch our first clip and see if you had the right answer. It's hard to believe, but most technicians responsible for installing and maintaining tubing systems have never had an opportunity to learn the correct assembly procedure. Our second clip shows the right way to do it, and the two most common installation errors we see.



The format for all of our upcoming Tech Clips is similar to our first ones. We'll give you a quick look at some element of fluid systems, then let you know how you can learn more. The clips are also great for those moments when you suddenly aren't quite sure about something and would like to get a professional demonstration or illustration.

Starting with the first Tech Clip, the series will cover:

1. Components of a Swagelok Tube Fitting

2. Swagelok Tube Fitting Installation

3. Tube Fitting Advantage/Installation Errors/Swagelok Training

4. Tubing Selection and Swagelok Training

5. Tubing De-Rating Factors and Swagelok Training

6. Inserts with soft plastic tubing and Swagelok Training

7. PB Hose

8. PTFE Hose

9. Four Steps to Choosing a Hose

If you see anything that piques your interest, you might want to sign up for our Tube Fitting and Installation Safety Seminar, or simply talk to us about some other aspects of fluid systems.


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Katie Reid

Written by Katie Reid