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The Advantages of Swagelok VCR and VCO Fittings

by Alecia Robinson, on Thu, Aug 03, 2017 @ 16:08 PM

Most people know Swagelok for our two-ferrule Tube Fitting. However, we also carry two valuable lines of face seal fittings.


VCR and VCO zero clearance allows for inline service. Download the VCR & VCO catalogue today for more information.

The VCR and VCO product lines are two more items that could save you a lot of time and money down the road. The primary distinguishing feature of the VCR and VCO fittings is that they have a zero clearance capability. This means that unlike pipe, tube, and weld end connections, the VCR and VCO fittings can be disassembled in line – with no clearance requirements. VCRs and VCOs serve as a make and break point – a spot to access the system for repair and upgrades without having to remove multiple parts.

They also feature silver plating on all female threads, which prevents galling and eliminates the need for thread tape, which improves ease of installation. There are also leak test ports on the side of each nut, where the metal faces come into contact and the seal takes place. Lastly, there is a split-nut available, which further increases the ease of assembly and reassembly.

Easy access

Thanks to the flat face seal of both the VCOs and VCRs, you have unlimited make and remake capabilities. All you have to do is replace the gasket on the VCR  each time you remake the connection. The gasket is the least expensive piece of the assembly, so replacing this is much more cost effective than replacing the whole assembly. When installing the VCRs and VCOs, tighten the nut finger tight and then use a wrench to turn the nut 1/8 of a turn.

There are certain capabilities that differ between the two products. For example, in high temperature applications, the VCR  is a better option because the metal gaskets allow for a much higher temperature capability; as high as 1000 F for a stainless steel gasket.

Assembly options

VCO Assemblies:

Gland + Body + Nut


VCR Assemblies:

Female Nut + 2 Glands + Gasket + Body (Male Nut)


Female Nut + Gland + Gasket + Body



Multiple applications

VCRs and VCOs are popular in hydraulic systems as well as welded and threaded systems. They also provide a great transition from such systems to a tubing system, by using a tube adapter end connection. Thanks to the variety in end connections that are available in VCRs and VCOs from Swagelok, there are endless combinations available to our customers. For more information on how VCR and VCO fittings could work for you, download the catalogues, or ask us.



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